2022 trends in blouses for work

With 2022 ushering in a return to the office for some and a hybrid working model for others, the role of colleague workwear has emerged as one of the most effective methods for colleagues to set the tone of their organisation.

Whether you wear them for roles in person or on a call, blouse work tops provide women with a well-presented style to feel confident in their role.

Alexandra has been at the vanguard of women’s fashion for almost 100 years, dressing generations of working women. When it comes to the current workplace trends, we’re the industry experts, and here are the top-selling work blouses for women we anticipate to see the most of in the next year.

2022’s top blouses for work

The rise of working from home and hybrid setups caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has significantly impacted work fashion during the last two years.

When it comes to work clothes, office workers increasingly prioritise comfort and personalisation, which makes blouses the ideal choice because they are loose-fitting and come in various designs.

Printed blouses

Women’s print blouses are again in vogue for women wanting to make a statement with their return to the office. Those who work in more casual offices might prefer brighter base colours with more contrast in the patterns. In contrast, those in more formal settings should opt for blouses with simple pinstripes.

Crepe de chine blouses

A classic cut that hugs the figure, the crepe de chine fabric is back in fashion because it’s lightweight and comfortable. The lightweight material means these blouse styles are just as comfortable to wear in offices as they are at home. Hence, they’re ideal for women in more physical roles who still need a professional image.

Round neck printed blouses

For people who prefer the comfort of a cooler, looser-fit collar above the personalised design of a patterned blouse. The women’s round-neck print blouse features a soft and practical polyester fabric in various patterns, allowing you to select the best, coordinated style for your team.

Maternity blouses

With the rise of home working, maternity blouses have been making a comeback for those seeking a lightweight, comfortable top during pregnancy. Most maternity blouses are composed of an easy-to-wear, cool, lightweight cotton/polyester blend that is great for maintaining a professional appearance while pregnant.

UK business workers can find a wide range of suits and blouses from Alexandra, one of the UK’s largest work clothing manufacturers. Alexandra designs and manufactures high-quality garments across most sectors of the UK, such as healthcare, beauty, business and facilities.

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