Before making any decision, we usually make plans for it, and in most cases we self-assume it to be successful in the end. But it does not always happen like this. Usually, plans go wrong because they are not tested, and also not discussed. Successful plans need testing, discussions, and also professional advice.

Money is not the only thing required for running a good business, you need to learn business strategy, market values, product/service demand, customer feedback, and last but not least your competitor’s position in the market. Combining all of these things make up a good business, and for that, you need to create a perfect business idea.

 How can you say, the ideas you have are going to be outstanding?

You can never give full surety to the things you made in hypothetical situations. Some need practices and few can be tested by advice from some experienced person. But the question is can we rely on our ideas in a hypothetical situation? I would say, Don’t. That can show you crisis and uncertainty in your business.

Before you make a start on your company, make sure you read the whole article. It includes the necessary points which will help you reconsider your ideas. It will help you make better decisions and you will see how realistic your ideas are. But first, we start  to introduce a business blueprint you must give and spend some time on self-actualization  because the measure part  of your business is you if you feel productive and if you are energetic dedicated then the tips we described are literally going to  helps to boom your business  on a next level


Make a thorough business idea for the next two years. That you can present in front of anyone. The plan should be remarkable and seems profitable, to convince anyone who is investing in your business. Your idea should be presenting the objectives and delivering the information you needed to go ahead with. Always include two of these things while making your business plan. Do not always assume your every plan should make a profit out of the products/services you are providing. Consider the negative aspects of the situation as well. And second over budget your calculations. Don’t estimate the exact costs of expenses.

Now measure the demands of your consumers in the market.

  • How much your customer is willing to pay for the product.
  • What size, color, the design is targeted most in the market?
  • How can you make your product/ services different from your competitors?

These are the basic measure considered highly for the success of your business. It is important to know your customer’s choice. The only way for business success is to think well about how else your customer can get satisfied. You need to look for more strategies that will give you a good position and drag the traffic and customer interest.


Deciding on what product you will work on is not enough. You need to get its proper details. Look for the things in which it can benefit your user. This will help you convince more people. What colors, design and sizes the product is available. It’s good to have at least variations as possible. The least variations will keep your budget low for investment. Otherwise, you need to get all the variations to fulfill your customers’ demands.

Also, look for your product’s manufacturer. From where you will ship it and who is supplying at the least cost per piece. If your product is costing too much in manufacturing, try to minimize your shipping cost and look for the nearest manufacturer who will cut the long-distance fee.


Customers’ feedback is very important. It tells you about your services/product, company, and also your market performance. Customer feedback helps you improve your company even if the feedback is not good. You will know where you are lacking.

It is recommended to ask the users about their thoughts on the launching product. How often do they shop such products and would they like if such and such type of thing will have introduced to the market and if not what changes they would like to see? Another option is you can simply share some samples of your product with a few groups of people and take feedbacks. This will give you an idea, how demanded your product will be in the market.


When you think of a business, here comes a question, where you will start it. It needs a proper place. A platform or a local land area. It depends on where your target audience will come from. If it is an e-commerce business you need to see a platform that is full of traffic but of course high demand with low competition. This will give you space and grow easily. If you have a physical store you need to see a local land where you can build your shop and raise traffic to your place. Of course, if you will open a restaurant near a village, it is difficult to run. You will get cheap land but no consumer is going to buy a 50$ mini chicken roll from you. But if you will open a restaurant on the highway which is a busy road and also help you generate sales on daily basis.


Your business idea won’t be considered successful if it didn’t carry how will you meet your financial expectations. When you have financial expectations for your business, you must test those financial analytics. It is important to check are those expectations realistic or just a dream.

To begin with, you can get a small investment from home. Then see, if your business idea works perfectly, at one point you will be required more investment. That you can get a loan from a bank. It is better to provide professional services from the start of your business to have all the interests of the consumers. Also, separate an amount of investment for the promotion, advertisement through different channels to meet business demands.


Analyze your business demands in terms of its products, services, delivery, and shipping span. What key point you’ll be relying upon and how would you be taking care of customer trust.


When it comes to customers. There are three types of customers.

  1. loyal customers
  2. Influencers
  3.  Hunters

Loyal customers have committed to your product service. Though they are the smallest percentage of the overall consumer base, they generate a greater part of your income. And they are more likely to promote your company to others.

Influencers only browse your products and services without making any purchase. This significant division creates revenue for many of the retailers. As they usually make no or very less purchasing unless you put an offer with the lowest price possible. If you want the interest of these customers, do branding, advertising, and promotions of your company.

The third type of customer is usually found in every company. They only make purchasing when there are some discounts offer or promotions available. Usually stock clearance sale or end of season sale. Your end-of-season stock which is left and less likely to be sold, when put on a certain percentage of the sale, these hunters will try to grab it immediately.


Competitors are already present in every market for every niche. Your immediate neighbor is not your only competitor. In the town anywhere, and also outside the town. You need to make sure you offer the best products and services that draw the interest of customers to your place.

Never underestimate your competitor, how weak his position in the market is. You never know what tomorrow will bring to you.

  • You need to know about what services and products your competitor has to market the customer.
  • What prices they are charging
  • In what ways they are enhancing customer loyalty
  • How technological they are
  • Their media activities
  • And also anything that makes them look better than you.

As you see, validating your ideas is such a difficult task to do. You are required to have a full study of the market for market analysis. It is necessary for you to make a plan not only hypothetically but draw it exclusively on a sheet and with each of the ideas, think of as many possible situations that occur on that step. Write its pros and cons and further conquer the cons which makes a barrier to your way. Now, to remove those barriers start making a list of solutions to them.

It is not necessary; things always happen as you planned them to. Be ready for any bad situation. Know what your consumer requires and try to fulfill their demands from the very start to maintain a good image from the beginning and try maintaining it. Happy customers, happy business. 

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