Overwhelmed at work? Here are some things you can do to fix that feeling

We all know that all too familiar feeling. Something is sitting heavy on your chest, your palms get a bit clammy, and the prospect of facing the day ahead at work is less than appealing. At one time or another everyone who’s ever held down a job has experienced this sense of unease. It’s also not mutually exclusive, so, it really doesn’t matter what your role or job function is, whether you’re spending time outside landscaping a garden, or working with technology in a lab, it’s something we all go through.

What if you could experience an altogether different type of day? Sure, your to-do list hasn’t just miraculously disappeared, and unless you’ve won the lottery, your balance sheet hasn’t dramatically changed either way. But imagine a day where all of the challenges are still there, but you somehow have the ability to conquer your seemingly endless lists of things you need to get done. It’s not called “running” a business for nothing. Knowing how to cope with tasks and be your best self at work (and ideally all aspects of your life), is key to your overall success and prosperity. 

Okay, so now you know you’re not alone, and what it might feel like to not have that panicky feeling, we can start to look at ways to make that shift towards a calmer, and more productive version of you. 

Organise your space or area

Taking just five minutes to get your tools of the trade ready for use is going to help you achieve your goals and tasks, not just for your day today, but the week ahead. You won’t be wasting time looking for things and will probably even come across something that you have forgotten about, or need to replenish, repair, or replace. What do you do with all the time you’ve saved? Easy, you focus on the things you do best!

Prioritise your tasks

Doing your monthly taxes might not be on the top of your list, but the deadline is looming. What about responding to those urgent emails and getting back to your clients? You certainly don’t want to let them down. Before you know it, you can easily start to spiral into panic mode. By identifying the importance of each task you’re already tackling part of the problem and mentally one step closer to getting things done. Asana has some free templates to help you get on top of things. 

Did you know that you can delegate a lot of operations to an outsider for help? We’ll talk more about that later.

Take a short break

We thought you’d like this one. Yes, it’s official. Grab a coffee, or better yet a simple glass of water and stretch your legs. It’s important to carve out small gaps in your day and bring your awareness back to centre. Despite what you may have heard in the past, our brains aren’t wired for multitasking. We actually can only do one thing at a time. Switching between tasks just slows down the process and probably isn’t the best way to produce the best work. Focus on one task at a time, and give yourself a five minute reward by taking a short break. Click Up is a great app to help you track your time and schedule those important breaks. 

Get help!

Asking for help isn’t a weakness. It’s not only the smarter way to operate, but it’s crucial for success. One literally cannot do it all alone. A lot of people think it’s too much hassle to hire someone to assist with their day-to-day operations. I’m sure you’ve heard someone you know saying, “By the time I’ve explained it, I could have done it myself in half the time”. Perhaps you’re one of those people? This couldn’t be further from the truth. There are professionals out there whose mission it is to provide a very specialised service. Hiring a Personal Virtual Assistant isn’t a thing for A-list celebrities in Hollywood anymore. It’s an actual thing. You might be thinking, “I’m trying to make money with my business, the last thing I need is the additional overhead of hiring someone”. This is another myth, keep reading and I’ll let you know why.

It’s a Digital Age and this requires Experts

So, unless you are a bit of a tech whizz and know all about Social Media platforms, Facebook algorithms, Google Search Optimisation, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram and why hashtags are important, you’re going to need help in this department. There’s no denying we are beyond regular marketing, Digital Marketing is a different animal and needs a handler who knows what they’re doing. You could easily spend the better part of your week just trying to figure out how to connect your platforms, and time your posts so your customers are seeing your feeds and it’s all relevant. It’s a real Pandora’s Box. Getting this part right is crucial not only to boost your business and keep you ahead of your competition but actually to just be in business in today’s market. 

The good, no, the great news is that there’s an agency out there that can resolve all of your needs. You might need a Virtual Assistant full or part-time. Someone who is dedicated to looking after one or two tasks, such as your diary appointments and bookkeeping, or more. You decide the level of involvement. The best part is that this person works remotely. You don’t even have to make small talk. Clearly, for a good working relationship, it’s always nice to get to know the person who is, after all, going to make your life exponentially easier. But you know what I mean. The benefits go beyond the financial. It’s an incredibly efficient way to work when you’re communicating face-to-screen, it leans to a sense of professionalism. 

So, what about your marketing? There’s no doubt an agency rich in expertise in all things digital marketing is going to not only be your life vest in this digital age but will become your partner to work closely with you as your business grows and evolves. 

Prime Pixels provide the expert solution to all things Digital. Check out and discover a whole new world of opportunities waiting for you. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get your digital marketing up to speed with the right help by your side. 

Change is happening all the time and is constant. Don’t be left behind grappling and overwhelmed, contact AVirtual UK for further information on how you can say goodbye to that overwhelmed feeling once and for all. 

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