Government Resumes Judicial Negotiation To Podemos Vox

The Government wants to start the negotiation clock with the PP of the pending institutional charges and especially the Judicial Power and has already maintained some contacts after last weeks debate on Voxs motion of no confidence

The negotiation is not official yet In the Executive they want to be optimistic and emphasize that in the proposal that was almost closed in the summer with the PP and which is now being resumed there were no political vetoes to Podemos or Vox and that the agreement was to propose category magistrates with an independent profile

The Minister of Justice Juan Carlos Campo confirmed this weekend in an interview with Eldiarioes that at no time during these months has the path of negotiations started almost a year ago with his interlocutor in the PP the Madrid councilor Enrique López

Nor since the attempts sponsored directly from La Moncloa by the Secretary General of the Presidency Félix Bolaños failed this summer

Almost daily conversations
The truth is that I have never stopped having conversations with the counselor Enrique López Almost daily for one thing or another we have some contact

We have to sharpen those conversations to reactivate and comply with that need for the renewal of the constitutional bodies because we have to comply with that constitutional design together Campo clarified after the opening of a new stage due to Casados speech before Santiago Abascal last Thursday in Congress

In the leadership of the PP they immediately specified that they were willing to reestablish contacts more officially but with the conditions marked since in August it was publicly known that the agreement was 99 closed

The PP thus insists that it does not want United We Can in the negotiation process which should be maintained in the parliamentary fields and that it would have to contemplate in the future another system for electing positions in the judiciary that better ensures its independence

Those demands in the Executive sounded like impossible impositions especially in what affects to separate Podemos but in the PP they also pointed out that it would be good for President Pedro Sánchez to call Pablo Casado to facilitate things

In the Government they point with optimism now that the pact with the PP is possible and add that some messages and contacts have already taken place since the debate on the motion ended last Thursday The conversations are going well they add

Sánchez and Casado have seen each other recently on the occasion of an institutional act and although it was an almost formal greeting they did take the opportunity to agree to close the agreement to review the main constitutional positions in the country

The usual interlocutors have also spoken They have even commented that the recent resignation in the Constitutional Court of Fernando Valdés before the imminent presentation by the Prosecutors Office of a formal accusation of mistreatment in his family sphere left that body even more precarious with only 11 magistrates and with another one about to be challenged by the former Catalan president Carles Puigdemont

The argument of the deterioration of these organs seems to have made a dent

Equitable sharing
Government and PP had squared in summer an equitable distribution of the 20 members of the General Council of the Judiciary that now wants to recover with some nuances

Campo López and Bolaños did then agree that the current majority of conservative tendency 119 forged in 2013 at the time of the governments with an absolute majority of Mariano Rajoy should be changed and reflect the new situation that is observed in Parliament after the elections a year ago that led to La Moncloa a coalition executive between the PSOE and United We Can

The PP even began at the end of last July to think about names for those positions in its quota and did not raise any veto for possible candidates from the Podemos environment This condition was improvised at the beginning of August when United We can openly and publicly questioned the King and the Head of State after the departure of the King Emeritus from Spain

The negotiators of the Government and the PP what they had agreed then was above all that there would be no ideological vetoes and on the other hand that the profiles to be raised for the respective members of the Judiciary should be jurists of recognized prestige whose independence was unquestionable and help to regain the lost prestige of the governing body of the judges in these years

The representatives of the PSOE committed to the PP that within their quota of 10 or 11 members the final cast is not closed candidates suggested by Podemos and also by the PNV but independent would be included In the Executive they insist on this aspect of prestige and independence to differentiate what is a governing body of the judicial power representative institutional and in that sense

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