Ayuso Will Merely Close The Community Of Madrid The Next Two Bridges

You will not be able to enter or leave the region on days 30, 31, 1 and 2, and then 7, 8 and 9. The hours at which the perimeter closure starts and ends are to be determined.

The Community of Madrid will close the next two weekends In other words Madrilenians will not be able to leave their community on 30 31 1 and 2 and then 7 8 and 9.

This was announced this Thursday by the president Isabel Díaz Ayuso herself during a ceremony with teachers at the Puerta del Sol main building I have decided to order the closure during the All Saints bridge but only for essential days And do the same in the next one he declared.

The hours at which the perimeter closure will be applied are still under study according to regional government sources.

Yesterday Wednesday we met the presidentsfrom Madrid Castilla y León and CastillaLa Mancha and we are looking for an agreement which finally did not happen Ayuso said before announcing the closing It was a very important photo We seek synergies in times of uncertainty

I am not satisfied with closing Madrid I have no scientific study to back it up What I want to do is close as few days as possible because I defend my ideas I have asked the Government for flexibility he continued to announce his final decision This decision would be framed within a legal limbo According to the royal decree of the state of alarm the communities can close their territories but as long as they are done with a minimum of seven days The president has sent a letter to President Pedro Sánchez

In it he requests the change of that section in order to be able to draw up his closing plan by days and not by week as the decree indicates Why does it have to be seven days He asked this Wednesday during a meeting with the presidents of the two bordering communities

The first step to modify this decree was taken last night According to regional sources after the meeting between the three presidents in Avila there was a telephone call between the Minister of Health Salvador Illa and the Minister of Health Enrique Ruiz Escudero

According to these same sources the minister saw fit to close Madrid for days Illa who is defending the new state of alarm in Congress has not yet made a public statement about it Vice President Carmen Calvo yes In statements collected by the Europa Press agency Calvo explained that the Executive will not modify the decree of the state of alarm The vice president has charged against the coherence of Ayuso whom she has accused of creating insecurity and of not being in the pandemic but doing politics

In the Madrid Executive the presidents decision has caused another political storm  Its not the first time The popular councilors have been showing their support for the president since the early hours of this morning Citizen sources have assured EL PAÍS that the regional vice president Ignacio Aguado pressured the president

Aguado wanted to close the community until November 9 24 hours after the start of the bridge the people of Madrid still do not know what to do these sources have indicated early in the morning It is normal that they are pissed off We are not for occurrences or for last minute epistolary relationships It takes more leadership and less artificial confrontation This is not the time for political games or absurd victimizing maneuvers like the one we saw yesterday

When President Ayuso makes some controversial statements  practically once or twice a week since the start of the pandemic  the following day several PP councilors come out in a rush to justify those words They replicate the same argument in unison and in almost all related media Radios newspapers televisions From the first hour And if possible before nine better

Nothing is improvised Thus the fine rain of the presidents speech creeps among the citizens and above all among her voters A kind of popular sirimiri  The objective is none other than to mitigate the general confusion by the president a few hours before

All these steps are very measured It is a political strategy calculated to the millimeter that in the opinion of the presidents environment always pays off The last example is this Wednesday Ayuso broke the agreement with the presidents of Castilla y León and CastillaLa Mancha to close the three communities from this Friday until two in the afternoon of November 9 I want to ask the Government to let us close for days and not for seven days as indicated in the decree of the state of alarm

We can try This bridge is an opportunity Ayuso said before the astonished gaze of the socialist Emiliano GarcíaPage and the popular Alfonso Fernández Mañueco who had already announced the perimeter closure of their communities

Early this Thursday the communication team of the main building of Puerta del Sol launched a message Ayuso will be interviewed at 905 on the Cope network Minutes earlier the Minister of Justice Enrique López and the Minister of the Presidency Eugenia Carballedo had already spoken on Onda Madrid and on EsRadio The two made the same speech.

Ayuso for his part went to the Cope chain  The journalist Carlos Herrera said good morning and asked the first question, I understand that the three left yesterdays meeting with the agreement that they would remain closed until the 9th but then it changed

The meeting in the first place took place because this is a commitment of the three communities We wanted to reach an agreement and well there we learned about the proposals we tried to find a consensus regarding the bridges We are not in favor of closing itself

I am looking for alternatives so that it is for the shortest possible time That is why I wrote to the Prime Minister to give us the power to do it for fewer days We do not have any health report that closing the region on the perimeter is better However we do know that the little closures work.

They two did and I told them that I wanted to find the formula to close during this bridge and I left it open I dont want to compromise them I need to fight to the end I think its better to do it for days and I do want to have an agreement with all three.

Finally Ayuso has made the decision in less than 24 hours Madrilenians already know that they will not be able to leave the community during the next two bridges but they will during the week.

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