SOA Will Not Reduce The Term Of The Confinements Creating Confusion


The first vice president of the Government Carmen Calvo explained this Thursday that the Executive will not modify the decree of the state of alarm to reduce the period of perimeter confinements as requested by the president of the Community of Madrid Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

The rule establishes that the duration of the perimeter confinements may not be less than seven calendar days In statements to the media Calvo has accused the Madrid leader of acting in a calculated way to create confusion

Ayuso has announced the perimeter closure of the region during the next two bridges Community sources affirm that on Wednesday there was a conversation with Salvador Illa  in which the Minister of Health saw the option of closing Madrid for days

Cantabria has announced the perimeter confinement of its territoryto try to reduce the increase in COVID19 infections while Castilla y León has asked the Government to enable legal tools so that the autonomies can reach home confinement if epidemiological data do not improve in the coming weeks

The Congress of Deputies will vote this afternoon on the declaration of the state of alarm for the next six months Illa has warned that 15 decisive days are coming to avoid confinement like the one in March and has asked the Popular Party to support the extension for a sense of state

The president of the PP Pablo Casado has confirmed the abstention of his group in the vote and has charged against the Executive The Government once again stumbles on the stone of improvidence incompetence and deception

Perimeter closure in Catalonia On weekends we will do a municipal lockdown says the Government spokeswoman Meritxell Bubó However it will be allowed on October 31 and November 1 to leave the municipality to go to the cemetery

Catalonia maintains the closure of bars and restaurants  will close shopping centers and suspend sports and cultural activities

The perimeter closure of each Catalan municipality during this weekend that is the prohibition to move beyond the limits of each town will come into force tomorrow Friday at six in the morning until the same time on Monday

Pere Aragonés head of the Government  says that it is evident that the force with which the virus has entered this second wave forces us to take measures We are launching a set of measures to promote a social stop says Aragonés The Generalitat closes Catalonia and the municipalities on the perimeter during the weekend

Castilla y León asks the Government to be able to confine homes if there is no improvement The Junta de Castilla y León has asked the central government to enable in the coming days the necessary legal tools so that the autonomies can reach home confinement if epidemiological data do not improve in the coming weeks

The Minister of Health Verónica Casado explained in the press conference after the Governing Council that it was the committee of experts of Castilla y León that asked them to assess the possibility of applying a scheduled home confinement if there is no improvement in the trend of the pandemic which currently places this Community at extreme risk.

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