What Environments Will Benefit From Blinds for Bi-folding doors

Bi-folding doors have become extremely popular in recent years and their use is no longer predominantly associated with being fitted in conservatories. Bi-folding doors have become popular amongst hospitals and offices as they have a wide range of benefits associated with these environments.

Adding blinds for bi-folding doors is a sensible choice as not only will they assist in maximising light into a room but they will also add to the aesthetic. This article shall explore the different environments that will benefit from having blinds for bi-folding doors.


Perhaps the most traditional choice for bi-folding doors is a conservatory. If you do have bi-folding doors in your conservatory then it is important to utilise blinds as they will bring multiple benefits and greatly enhance your space.

Blinds for bi-folding doors will block unwanted sunlight. Although conservatories are designed to maximise sunlight, throughout the summer months you may wish to reduce the light and heat coming in through your bi-folding doors. Contrastingly, in the winter months blinds for bi-folding doors can assist in trapping heat and reducing heating bills.


Another common environment that benefits from blinds for bi-folding doors is medical settings such as hospitals. In a healthcare setting maintaining patient privacy is a fundamental expectation and blinds for bi-folding doors assist in ensuring that a patient’s privacy is maintained. For example, blinds can be easily shut via remote control while a patient is sleeping or spending time with family members.

You may benefit from integral blinds as they are sealed within glass which ensures that they are protected from dirt and dust particles and do not require cleaning. The minimal maintenance of integral blinds is particularly appealing for bi-folding doors in a medical environment such as a hospital due to their hygienic properties and being allergy friendly.

Integral blinds for bi-folding doors are also a suitable option within mental health wards as they will not pose a risk to patients who may look for an opportunity to self-harm as the blinds are built within double glazed glass. Cordless operation is available using remote-controlled blinds providing a safer alternative to a cord.


Office environments are a further space that utilise bi-folding doors where blinds could be beneficial. From enhanced privacy and minimal cleaning requirements to contributing to a reduction in the company’s carbon footprint, there are a wide range of benefits workplaces will reap from installing blinds for bi-folding doors.

One of the main benefits is the reduction in distractions from the outside world and sunlight pouring into a room and causing glare on computer screens. Blinds for bi-folding doors also have the ability to reduce a company’s carbon footprint as throughout the winter months blinds can be fully opened to distribute light evenly throughout a room. As well as offering a natural alternative to central heating, this also boosts staff morale as increased sunlight during the winter months boosts mood and focus.

Contrarily, during the summer months blinds for bi-folding doors can operate at full or half shut to limit sunlight coming into a room thus creating a cooler environment and preventing overheating.

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