Robocom VR launches its thrilling arcade-style Transformers VR: Invasion of The Decepticons at Dubai Mall’s VR Park

Robocom VR, the Middle East’s largest home-grown company, transforms Hasbro’s Transformersinto a fully immersive experience through its innovative VR simulator

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Robocom VR, the largest gaming company in the Middle East has recently expanded its award-winning Transformers VR simulators to Dubai Malls’ VR Park. Transformers VR- Invasion of the Decepticons’, the dynamic arcade-style first person shooter game allows users to battle the mighty Decepticons via a fully immersive VR shell.  Having developed the innovative game in 2020 in partnership with Hasbro, Robocom VR is the first company in the Middle East to develop a physical VR Simulator. Through Robocom VR’s partnership with Emaar, gamers will now have the ability to portal into new dimensions of gaming, fully immersed and in control of their every move.

Robocom VR has been tearing up the gaming scene with its ground-breaking technology; just this year, the gaming powerhouse launched its location-based simulators in megacities such as Dubai, London, Doha, and Manama, with one of its largest projects, Pixxel at Al Qana, scheduled to open in Abu Dhabi in 2022. Robocom VR is currently expanding its trademarked Transformers VR simulators into the world’s largest malls, including The American Dream Mall and The Dubai Mall, as well as key markets such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Egypt, and Turkey

Karim Ibrahim, Co-Founder and CEO of Robocom mentions, “From a very small company that outsourced the majority of its work to becoming the Middle East’s largest homegrown gaming company has been a truly humbling and thrilling experience. Robocom VR now owns and operates the entire gaming supply chain, from development to operations and manufacturing. Winning their partnership with Hasbro to develop Transformers VR simulators was one of Robocom VR’s greatest accomplishments. Transformer VR – Invasion of the Decepticons’ took our team at Robocom VR months of research and years of development. One of the most difficult aspects was creating all of the transformation rigs and animations within the game and then synchronizing them with the machine.”

With Dubai Mall’s VR Park serving as the city’s entertainment hub, expanding our highly anticipated Transformers VR simulators in this location was a no-brainer. Emaar was our very first partner in the Middle East and has been a staunch supporter of Robocom. The opening of the attraction in VR Park cements our strategic partnership with EMAAR, and we look forward to expanding our collaboration across additional locations in Dubai.” added Karim.

Toufic Assaf, Co-Founder and Chairman of Robocom adds, “Big dreams, requires big capital; Since our inception, we have dared to dream of becoming global industry leaders, but we needed to figure out a way to acquire capital and manage our growth systematically. With that in mind, Robocom VR devised a strategy for financing its vision by leveraging the investments of a vast portfolio of high-net-worth individuals, by providing effortless and straight forward income generation through the revenue generating assets that our clients have invested in. Our industry provides our clients with some of the highest IRR’s and ROIs in comparison to any other industry.”

By strategically locating our simulators in high-traffic areas the world, we are able to generate consistent revenue and brand awareness, resulting in a cycle of ever accumulating traffic and revenue for our clients, the venue in which our product is placed, and Robocom VR subsequentlyToufic continued.

Robocom VR launched in 2017, and since then has been steadily expanding its presence in the virtual reality gaming world through partnerships with highly targeted entertainment venues that take a refined approach to technology. Robocom VR has partnered with entertainment behemoths such as EMAAR, Al Futtaim, Al Shaya, and Selfridges over the last four years.

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