God of Battle: Ragnarok’s Touching Ending Defined

God of Battle: Ragnarok has been lauded for lots, and lots of argue it is the perfect sport of the yr. Of all of the issues it does effectively, its touching and considerate story is maybe its biggest energy. “Touching” and “considerate” could also be stunning descriptors for a sport referred to as “God of Battle,” however anybody who played Ragnarok’s 2018 predecessor probably would anticipate as a lot. 

Because the title suggests, God of Battle: Ragnarok is a couple of cataclysmic conflict identified in Norse mythology as Ragnarok. At its core, nonetheless, it is way more concerning the relationship between a father and his son. That father simply occurs to be an unstoppable killing machine. It goes with out saying, however I am going to say it anyway: Large God of Battle: Ragnarok spoilers under. 

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The brief model of God of Battle: Ragnarok’s ending

After spending a lot of God of Battle: Ragnarok fiercely rejecting the concept of conflict, Kratos is ultimately pulled into taking part in Ragnarok — the nice conflict in opposition to Asgard. Earlier than that occurs, it is revealed that Tyr, the Norse god of conflict who’s been staying at Kratos & Co’s headquarters, has really been Odin all alongside. Odin used his godly powers to disguise himself as Tyr, and spent the entire sport spying on Kratos, Atreus and Freya. 

Odin makes his grand revelation by stabbing and killing Brok. That turns Sindri, usually gregarious and deferential, into an indignant Dwarf, deeply resentful of Kratos, Atreus and their function in organising Brok’s dying. Sindri helps them out at Ragnarok, however solely as a result of he desires revenge on Odin. He makes use of a device that offers the gang a technique to penetrate by way of the wall that surrounds Asgard. 

Inside, Kratos battles and defeats Thor. Simply as Thor begins to repent for his sins and heed Kratos’ plea to be a greater god, Odin seems and kills Thor. Kratos, Freya and Atreus then battle and defeat Odin. Atreus makes use of Big magic to entice Odin’s spirit in a marble, then Sindri seems, snatches the marble and smashes it to bits with a hammer. Like I mentioned, indignant Dwarf.

The gang manages to flee Asgard because of Angrboda, a Big who Atreus meets early within the sport. After the battle, Angrboda tells Atreus she is aware of he is had Big visions, and that she wants to inform Kratos. He does so, informing his father that there are different Giants on the market, and that he alone wants to seek out them. In the second of Ragnarok, Kratos embraces his son and tells him he is prepared for his personal journey. 

Atreus says goodbye, and Kratos sees on a shrine revealed to him by Agrboda that the Giants way back prophesized him because the hero of Ragnarok. 

Santa Monica Studio, God of Battle’s developer, has mentioned Ragnarok is the top, and that God of Battle will not be spun into one other trilogy. However the best way the sport ended completely opens up the potential for a follow-up that focuses on Atreus — presumably with Sindri as a villain. Dwarf magic is established as immensely highly effective in God of Battle: Ragnarok, and Sindri’s apparent hatred of Kratos and Atreus is among the conspicuous threads left untied by Ragnarok’s finish. 

That is the brief model of God of Battle: Ragnarok’s ending. Learn on for a extra complete take a look at how God of Battle: Ragnarok performed out.

The lead as much as Ragnarok

To grasp God of Battle: Ragnarok’s story trajectory, you must perceive a bit about how its story is informed. Not like the 2018 God of Battle, by which Atreus is by Kratos’ aspect for nearly all the journey, the 2 go their separate methods for lots of Ragnarok’s story. 

About midway by way of the sport, Atreus hatches a plan. Odin at first of God of Battle: Ragnarok invitations Atreus to Asgard. What if Atreus goes to Asgard, pretends to change sides, buddies up with Odin and learns his Ragnarok plans? 

Atreus will get into Asgard by having Odin’s ravens transport him there. After climbing the large wall that surrounds Asgard’s metropolis, Atreus learns that Odin is motivated by a tear into one other dimension. “The rift, presumably the birthplace of actuality,” he tells Atreus of the tear. “I appeared inside and one thing was there wanting again at me.” 

A rift into one other realm is what motivates Odin. He says wanting into the rift grants infinite information, however he wants Atreus to seek out masks fragments to guard his face.


Coming into the tear, Odin says, will grant infinite information. Odin is aware of he has to die in some unspecified time in the future, however he must know what’s subsequent earlier than he does. The rift can grant that information, however getting in there with out requisite protecting gear means positive dying: Odin tells Atreus that peeking into the tear is how he misplaced his eye. Odin has a fraction of a masks he reckons will shield his face sufficient. The masks fragment is inscribed with Big script that Odin cannot learn — which is why he wants Atreus.

Odin duties Atreus with discovering the opposite masks fragments. To try this, he must work with each Thor and Heimdall, who’s blessed with the power to learn folks’s intentions. Whereas Atreus does that, Kratos and Freya, who are actually a group once more after Kratos helped break Odin’s curse that trapped Freya in Midgard, are left to their very own gadgets.

A lot of the sport’s plot revolves round future. The earlier God of Battle ended with Kratos seeing a Big’s prophecy that he would die at Ragnarok. Kratos scoffs at such predictions, and says that we make our personal destiny. Simply to make certain, nonetheless, Kratos, Faye and Mimir go to the Norns, the masters of destiny. The Norns agree with Kratos — that there is no such thing as a such factor as destiny — however the decisions folks make are so predictable in order to make prophesizing straightforward enterprise. Extra importantly, they reveal that Heimdall intends to kill Atreus. 

Together with his son’s life in danger, Kratos makes his choice. Heimdall should die — even when that kicks off conflict with Asgard. 


The bizarre mermaid creature that makes Kratos’ Draupnir Spear.


The massive twist

To guard his son, Kratos has to kill Heimdall. Heimdall can learn folks’s intentions, so attacking him is difficult. Kratos asks Sindri and Brok if they might forge a brand new weapon to assist him beat the Aesir god, and the 2 Dwarfs provide you with the Draupnir Spear. To create it, Brok escorts Kratos to Svartalfheim, the place they collect supplies and get a bizarre Mermaid creature to craft the Spear. It is an entire factor. 

Kratos will get his likelihood to make use of the weapon when Heimdall confronts him in Vanaheim. It is a success! Heimdall can learn folks’s intentions, so can catch the spear each time Kratos throws it at him. However the spear can implode and regenerate, which permits Kratos to hurt and finally kill Heimdall. (Sure, if Heimdall may really learn intentions he would know Kratos intends to implode the spear, and so he’d keep away from it fairly than catch it. Do not suppose too exhausting about it.) He tries unsuccessfully to stroll away from the defeated Heimdall, however Heimdall will not relent. Kratos has no alternative however to strangle him to dying.

After accumulating one of many two lacking masks fragments, Atreus tells Odin he desires to go residence. Odin permits it. However with Heimdall useless, Atreus decides he ought to return to Asgard. Odin will quickly determine that Kratos killed Heimdall, and that can certainly result in conflict. Within the temporary time frame earlier than that occurs, Atreus desires to move to Asgard to assist Odin full the masks. That may each distract Odin and permit Atreus to study extra of his plans — and presumably steal the masks, too.

On his return to Asgard, Odin will get Atreus and a superdrunk Thor to journey by way of Niflheim. Atreus locates the ultimate fragment. At that second, Odin seems and asks for the masks. The following second, Thor’s spouse Sif seems and divulges that Kratos killed Heimdall. Thor goes right into a rage, attempting to assault Atreus. Atreus makes use of a gadget given to him by Sindri to flee on the final second. 

The second we notice Tyr hasn’t been who we predict he’s.


Again at Sindri’s home, Atreus, Kratos, Tyr and Freya devise a plan. If they will go to Asgard, they will lure Odin out with the masks and kill him. That approach they will not should provoke Ragnarok, and conflict may be averted. Tyr, eager to keep away from conflict in any respect prices, says it is a fabulous concept. And in reality, he has simply the factor: a secret path to Asgard.

Everyone seems to be hyped apart from Brok. Brok wonders why Tyr by no means talked about this path to Asgard earlier than, and why Tyr is asking Atreus “Loki.” Tyr says he’ll present them the trail after he collects his “issues,” however Brok factors out that he has no issues — what a burn — and slaps the masks out of Tyr’s arms. As everybody surrounds Brok, treating him like a loopy Dwarf, Tyr fatally stabs Brok and divulges that he isn’t really Tyr — Odin has been pretending to be Tyr the entire time. 

After a standoff, Odin takes the masks and goes again to Asgard. Ragnarok it’s. 

Ragnarok cometh

It is prophesized that Surtr, the fireplace demon of Muspelheim, kicks off Ragnarok with an assault on Asgard. Kratos and Atreus journey to Muspelheim and, after some wrangling, persuade Surtr to mount his assault. After that, it is formally on

Kratos is known as common of the military attacking Asgard: It is comprised of Freya, her brother Freyr, the Valkeries, the darkish and light-weight elves of Alfheim, the World Serpent Jormungandr, Angrboda, the Hel-Walkers from Helheim, and Surtr. Utilizing Gjallarhorn, a horn which Kratos took off Heimdall after killing him, Kratos is ready to open a portal to Asgard in Tyr’s Temple. 

Sindri has been understandably morose after the dying of Brok. “You do not know what sorry means,” Sindri snaps at Atreus when the latter tries to apologize for Brok’s dying. “I gave you every part: my abilities, my friendship, my residence, my secrets and techniques, my treasures, and also you simply stored taking. And now what have I acquired? Not even my household.” Nonetheless, Sindri mentioned he’d enlist the assistance of the Dwarfs. When he arrives in Asgard, although, he is on his lonesome. His folks have shed sufficient blood for others, he says. Fortunately, Sindri did not come empty-handed, as he has a that reveals a flaw within the large wall that surrounds Asgard. Atreus is ready to exploit the flaw and enter Asgard, the place Kratos virtually instantly will get in a battle with Thor.

Kratos wins, however spares Thor. “No extra,” Kratos says, placing his Leviathan Ax away. “For the sake of our youngsters, we have to be higher.” Earlier than Thor can say something although, Odin seems and berates him for speaking. “You do not discuss, you do not suppose! I suppose, you kill,” Odin says. Thor drops his hammer and says he will not be Odin’s killing machine anymore — which prompts Odin to fatally impale Thor, his son, with a spear.

Odin will get very stabby at Ragnarok’s finish.


That kicks off the ultimate battle in opposition to Odin, a two-part boss battle by which Kratos, Atreus and Freya are victorious. Atreus beseeches Odin to be higher — like father, like son — however Odin refuses. “I’ve to know what’s subsequent. I can’t cease,” Odin says. “Why’d you need to say that?” Atreus replies regretfully.

Atreus makes use of Big magic to take away Odin’s spirit and forge it right into a marble. Kratos, Freya and Atreus commute on what to do with it. Kratos lets Freya resolve, however Freya places the choice on Atreus’ younger shoulders. Earlier than the lad can resolve, nonetheless, Sindri seems out of nowhere, places the marble on a desk and smashes it together with his hammer. “That is what comes subsequent,” he says earlier than vanashing on the spot. 

The dangerous man is crushed, however sadly Surtr, now a large and uncontrollable fireplace demon, remains to be wrecking Asgard. All of them want a approach out. Agrboda is the gang’s ticket outta there: She arrives with Garm and opens a rift into one other realm. (When Kratos asks how, she merely replies: “Big stuff.”) Everybody makes it out besides Freyr, who sacrificed himself holding off Surtr so the remainder may make it out.

God of Peace

After the cataclysm ends, Atreus wakes up in Midgard. He walks alongside a spiral path, passing by all the chums he met in God of Battle: Ragnarok, till he will get to the highest, the place Angrboda is ready. She tells him she is aware of he is been seeing Big visions, and that he wants to inform his father. 

“Each a part of me is telling me that is what I’ve to do, I simply do not know the way to say it,” Atreus says.

Kratos walks in at that inopportune second, however earlier than Atreus can communicate, Angrboda says she desires to indicate them each one thing. It is a shrine that reveals that Faye way back destroyed Atreus’ shrine in Jotunheim, permitting the pair to forge their very own path. This can be a little complicated, as a result of Faye did not destroy Atreus’ shrine — it was there, clear to see for each Atreus and Kratos on the finish of God of Battle, however that is advantageous.

Atreus has a heart-to-heart together with his dad. “There are different Giants on the market, and I’ve acquired to seek out them,” Atreus says to Kratos, giving Sony the choice to observe up with a Loki sport. “I believe I do know the place to look, however they’re my accountability. I want to do that alone.” 

Atreus says he is frightened by the concept of a solo journey, however Kratos says that is why he should do it. Kratos says they solely survived Ragnarok due to Atreus’ choices, and that he is able to fend for himself. They embrace. It is deeply emotional.

Atreus scampers off with Agrboda earlier than bidding his father Adieu. Left on his personal, Kratos closes the shrine, solely to discover a second aspect on the again. There the Giants present Kratos to be the hero of Ragnarok — extra god of peace than god of conflict. Kratos is overwhelmed, even letting out a couple of tears and whimpers on the imaginative and prescient of him as a savior as a substitute of an instrument of dying and destruction, as he was in Greece.

“What did you see in there brother?” Mimir asks Kratos. “A path,” Kratos replies. “One I had by no means imagined.”

Sindri looks over his dead brother Brok.

May Sindri be a villain in an Atreus spin-off sport?



Credit roll after Atreus leaves you, however the story is not over fairly but. Remnants of Odin’s forces have landed aross the realms, and ending the principle quest unlocks the aspect quest of clearing out this riffraff. For those who journey to Niflheim, the place Odin’s Ravens chill, you will see a brand new space may be accessed.

For those who observe the brand new path, it will take you to a secret jail. Get to the principle cell on the backside and you may uncover none apart from Tyr, the actual Tyr. Tyr does not say a lot. Mimir provides him the TL;DR of God of Battle: Ragnarok — that Odin is useless because of Kratos — and Tyr responds by saying he wants area to course of this data. For those who go to the opposite realms, you will generally stumble upon Tyr. I discovered him performing some Tai Chi stuff in Vanaheim and Helheim. 

Kratos, Faye and Mimir find the real Tyr in an Asgardian prison.

The true Tyr may be present in a newly accessible part of Niflheim.


The opposite sidequest that opens up after the principle story ends is a funeral for Brok. That is fast and simple. You go to Svartalfheim, to Durlin’s workplace, and then you definately’re directed to a seashore space, the place Brok will get a ultimate send-off into Valhalla. Kratos locations Brok into a bit raft. Earlier than Brok is pushed off, Sindri materializes, cries over his brother’s physique and says he loves him.

Sindri holds a flaming torch for Freya, who lights an arrow and shoots it into the now floating boat, lighting it aflame. Kratos places his hand on Sindri’s shoulder and tries to supply consoling phrases, however Sindri peels Kratos’ hand off and provides him a glance of scorn. He says nothing, walks a couple of steps after which vanishes.

Earlier within the sport, Brok had given Mimir a riddle. What will get greater the extra you’re taking away? It bedevilled Mimir for a very long time, however lastly Mimir will get the reply. “A gap.” The display screen fades to black because the credit roll once more.

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