Revealed: The Most Privileged People in the World

Covid-19 has massively restructured the global economy. There were a lot of internal changes that played a vital role in making and breaking the overall well-being of nations worldwide.

However, many countries were not as affected, or recovered very well due to their overall solid foundations.

Many have deemed these countries as the home to the most privileged people of the world.

Here is the study that was conducted in the earlier months of 2021 by ABCD Agency, where data from 44 nations worldwide were studied to select the nation with the most privileged people.

Main factors studied to determine the most privileged people

Employment and career opportunities: Education is another factor that is very important for any country to grow alongside career prospects. Sub factors studied under this category included youth unemployment, long-term unemployment, income inequality, work environment quality, social mobility, and GDP per capita.

Freedom and life satisfaction: Freedom is a privilege a rare few nations have. Factors taken into consideration under this category included human rights, gender equality, life satisfaction, and passport strength.

Safety and health: Population density, safety in homicide, road safety, life expectancy, air pollution and social benefits were taken into consideration for this section.

Financial strength: The data on which the financial stability of a country is determined includes the development of manufacturing industries. The easiest way to determine a country’s strength is its GDP (growth domestic product), which determines the government’s value of products and services. Factors considered in this segment included disposable income per capita, median wealth, number of millionaires in USD, and population.

The five most privileged countries around the globe based on each of the influential factors

Before looking at the top countries in overall score, let us have a look at the countries that topped the list in the different fields of investigation:-

Career Opportunities: Norway scored 100, where social mobility is highest, and youth unemployment is lowest. Denmark followed next with a score of 96.57. The other 3 top rankers were Iceland at 93.10, Luxembourg at 90.48 and Switzerland at 87.26.

Freedom: Here again, Norway took away the number 1 with a score of 100, where the passport strength index at 132 is among the highest. With a score of 99.85, Denmark is the closest 2nd highest, followed by Finland at 98.32, Luxembourg at 98.18 and Switzerland at 97.96.

Health and safety: Canada came in first position with a 100 score in this aspect. The second place holder was France with 98.64. The next 3 top contenders were Spain with 98.27, Italy with 97.74, and Norway with 97.34.

Finances: Though this is the sector where most countries scored very low, Switzerland took the spot here with a 227,890$ median wealth of adults. The other 4 top position holders were Australia with 73.41, Iceland with 72.49, The United States with 70.63, and Luxembourg with 68.13.

The data from the study was conducted on all 37 member states of the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, as well as Argentina, Bulgaria, Brazil, India, Russia, Singapore and South Africa.

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