How print marketing can be used effectively in the digital age

In this day and age, almost two thirds of ad spending is digital, and this is only set to increase. This is representative of a shift in society from the traditional and analogue, to all things digital.

However, one study found that an object being tactile or requiring physical action, such as reading, is actually more likely to make an impression, as it requires more cognitive power. This suggests that print media may actually be more effective than, if not equal to, digital. Here, we discuss how print marketing can be used effectively in the digital age.

Try direct mail

With technology on the rise, a lot of companies are turning to emails to get their news and offers of promotion out to their prospective customers. In fact, 52% of people admit to having between 10-1,000+ unread emails in their inbox, despite 79% of people saying they try to keep on top of their emails.

Cut through the crowd by using direct mail in a world where everyone emails. Getting mail delivered to your house seems more personal. Plus, prospective customers will have to read your direct mail to ascertain what it is.

A flyer or brochure that can be addressed to your target audience has the potential to make a bigger impact. Make sure to get your print media printed professionally for the best first impression, using a reliable company like Duplo International.

Use print marketing in conjunction with digital

You don’t need to choose between the two, as there are many successful ways to embrace the benefits of both types of marketing. To do so, make sure your branding is consistent.

One example of this integrated marketing strategy is the use of QR codes. Especially at a time when we are wary of touching things, QR codes have boomed in popularity. A QR code is a unique code which can be scanned from a smartphone to direct you to a website.

A way you could incorporate this is, for example, a takeaway business could send fliers via direct mail with a QR code printed on it. When you scan the code, you are directed straight to the order website.

How about a giveaway

Another complementary campaign idea is to promote a giveaway. The giveaway itself can be advertised through print media such as newspapers, magazines and brochures.

However, to enter the giveaway, you can require people to sign up online using their email address. This can then use the print media’s effectiveness to generate online traffic.

Improve your distribution

Overall, none of this really matters if you don’t have the right distribution strategy. You can spend money on a fabulous print campaign, but it will be useless if it is delivered to the wrong people.

To combat this, find out where your target audience frequents the most, and use these places as hubs to distribute fliers and put up posters. When following our tips on how print media can be effective, make sure to employ it with a good distribution strategy.

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