Best Sales Tools to Increase Productivity of Your Business

In this article, we will discuss a few of the best tools that can be used to improve or increase the productivity of your business unit. For every business, selling is considered a crucial part. Without sales and profit, the companies cannot survive. It is seen that the efficiency, effectiveness and productivity of every business sale have a direct impact on the revenue.

Sales productivity is the process that improves the sales results with the reduced use of the elements such as effort, cost and time. Also, there are chances where you get success in your first sales but if the same does not continue in an organized manner, it can result in failure. To manage all such sales activities most of the businesses are now opting for the salesforce automation software. The software not only helps to increase the efficiency of sales but also helps to improve revenue generation.

The point of sale software is mainly designed for the business class and works similar to CRM but is unique and different. This software focuses on sales activities and also manages the sales contacts. Let us move further and have a look over the best tools and technologies to select in the after-sales services software to increase productivity and improve sales. These features can improve the customer service, management, product orders and much more that is related to the customers.

  • SalesHandy:

Sales Handy is a specific tool that can be included in the sales force automation software to enhance sales communication and carry out the data analytics with maximum care. This tool includes many features such as live meets, email tracking, sharing documents and much more. This tool can also organize the work and help to engage more customers. Other major features included in the tool are data security, tracking, managing documents, protecting the password, and much more.

  • ProProfs Chat:

One of the tools in the point of sale software that can help to identify the visitors, their preferences and choices over your website and also help to initiate any chat whenever the need arises.

This tool can be an active part of sales force automation software and help to understand the intent of customers or visitors in real-time and also let your know the sales leads effectively. This especially makes your website faster, engaged and eye-catcher with the live chat.

  • InsideSales:

When it comes to managing the work properly, Inside Sales is a perfect option to be included in your after-sales services software. At first glance it might look like the website doesn’t have much detailed data but if it is analyzed properly; this tool has a lot to offer.

  • Acquire:

Acquire is one more tool that makes point of sale software more engaging and fast. It includes a lot of digital features that deliver a perfect sales experience. Also, this tool fits all the customer communication requirements of all the different types of businesses – small, medium or big.

The features such as AI chat bots, co-browsing, HD video calling and more help to bring digital innovations to your sales process. The live chat feature helps to support your customers proactively making their experience better and solve the sales issues quickly to retain them for a longer time. The customers stay loyal if they feel their importance.

  • Active conversion:

Active conversion is a tool of sales force automation softwarethat helps to fill the gap between sales and marketing. It is known to bring automation to the marketing sector and monitor the visitor’s data and employee efforts and collect them to build the database. This tool also automates the sales processes, track the leads, fill the database and other related metrics to enhance customer experience.

  • Ai2 Prose:

If you have an expanding business where the employee teams keep on growing, you should include Ai2 Prose in the after-sales services software. This tool helps to make quick sales regardless of your location. It doesn’t matter if you are a store, on-road, at a show or in an office, you can access, edit and store all the required details such as custom data, sales material, product information, sales information, and much more in this tool. This tool also becomes helpful in carrying out routine tasks such as bar code scanning, or calculations or other activities to have highly efficient processes at the business.

  • ToutApp:

If you wish to turn the sales prospects to customers, ToutApp is the best online tool. With this tool as a part of after-sales services software, one can achieve all the goals of the sales team. It includes one best feature that creates a pipeline playbook having all the data that is required by the sales team to stay in touch with all the contacts of the sales processes.

This tool also includes features that improve your pipeline such as integrations with email and contacts that make it easier for the employees to schedule the meetings and communicate with others. It even helps to manage the sales campaigns including social media, emails, phones and every other where everyone is at the same place.

Apart from this, the tool can also help to manage the website and documents along with easy tracking. It tracks real-time engagement based on the social media platforms and chats over there. Not only real-time data but also proactive messages and responses making more informed sales decisions.

  • ReferenceEdge:

Reference Edge is one more tool of point of sale software that helps businesses to carry out customer referral programs and sales. This tool effectively automates the reference requests and manages all the customer information. Yes, it is correct, you don’t need to monitor the references manually anymore, you don’t need to check the areas of expertise manually instead it is done automatically. The main goal of this tool is to enhance the business activities, improve the bids and make the sales cycles much more effective.


These were a few of the best sales tools that increase the productivity of your business unit. When these tools are included in the sales force automation software, the software can improve the efficiency and accuracy of your business.

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