Extramarks launches new and advanced Test Prep App for JEE aspirants

In continuation with its philosophy of “Learning is Fun”, Extramarks, a global marketplace for learning online, has launched a new and advanced version of their JEE Test Prep App from which students stand to benefit. The app enables students to strengthen their preparation for the upcoming JEE examination by making them thoroughly understand the insights of questions asked in the last 10 years. These features will give them a simulation of actual exam climate, thus helping students gain exam confidence.
Features of ‘JEE Test Prep’ app:

– Customize Your Test
– Recommended & Trending Tests
– Customize Your Test
– Unlimited Practice Tests

Extramarks launches new and advanced Test Prep App for JEE aspirants 1

– Performance Analytics
– Instant Doubts Solution

Extramarks lets you practice more with recommended tests that are curated specifically for everyone based on their performance. These tests are intelligently designed and are based on adaptive technology, helping students practice where they need to catch up with others and strengthening their weaknesses to ace the exam. Students can also practice mock tests which are exactly in the same format of JEE which will help in understanding the level of exam pattern, difficulty, and marking scheme of the exams.
Commenting on the launch of the app, Mr Ritvik Kulshrestha, CEO of Extramarks Education, said, ‘The app is likely to benefit aspirants as it integrates latest technology and expert pedagogy to build a learning environment which responds to the needs of individual students. With the launch of this app, we are committed to hand-hold all JEE aspirants in their exam preparations to perform well in it”.

About Extramarks:

Extramarks is an online learning platform that helps students learn from preschool to extensive K12 coverage, going over to higher studies and competitive exams. With over 13 years of operational experience in the ed-tech industry, Extramarks is privately owned and headquartered in India with offices in South Africa, Indonesia, Singapore and UAE. With more than 6 million student count, the company is committed to keeping this number of learners growing, flourishing and moving towards academic success.


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