SAINT-GOBAIN’S commitment to sustainability and innovation

  • French multinational giant dedicated to providing innovative, high-quality products that promote and enforce environmental sustainability
  • Innovative solutions Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboards, Gyproc® Active Air®, and Multi-Comfort standard technological products promote sustainable living solutions

An eminent brand known for their design and manufacturing of high-quality products, Saint-Gobain has established itself as the world’s largest building materials company, and a global leader in the habitat and construction market. Their guiding principles of unmitigated social responsibility and continuous innovative processes encourage them to adopt a strategy of responsible growth, apt in today’s ever-changing environment.

Saint-Gobain’s positive involvement on various relevant fronts is reflected through international initiatives. Signing the UN Global Compact’s “Business Ambition for 1.5°C” pledge and adopting the Principles of Conduct and Action in 2003, this multinational giant strives to reinforce the requirements of their business ethics, the environment, health, and safety. 2009 saw the formalisation of the compliance program, and in 2015 set ambitious sustainability targets. Without a doubt, the plethora of Saint-Gobain’s efforts showcase a clear emphasis on their commitment toward combating climate change.

Understanding that their company-wide roadmap was not enough to combat climate change, Saint-Gobain aims to lead by example. Encouraging decarbonisation as a collective amongst related industries, they believe it creates a deeper transformation of businesses and value chains – an opportunity for growth and innovation.

The embodiment of sustainability, Saint-Gobain’s products and technologies focus on the well-being of end-users as well. Through performances such as fire protection, acoustics, impact resistance, and aesthetics, to name a few, Saint-Gobain aims to work closely with developers to build efficient, sustainable, and safe spaces.

Saint-Gobain’s proprietary Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboards, Gyproc® Activ’ Air®, and Multi-Comfort standard takes a holistic approach to comfort, health, and well-being for users. 

Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboards

Gyproc’s innovative range of products and systems are tailored for internal and external walls, wall linings, and ceilings for both residential and commercial buildings. From fire, sound, thermal, moisture, and impact resistance, each range of Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboards is engineered for maximum performance of the function intended, highlighting energy efficiency and productivity gain while reducing carbon footprint.

Furthermore, in commitment to Saint-Gobain’s environmental efforts, every Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboard product is made from 100% gypsum, recycling-certified, and does not emit toxic or hazardous substances. An ultimate lining and ceiling solution, Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboards have become essential in every construction project. More information available in Appendix A

Gyproc® Activ’ Air®

A new and revolutionary technology, Activ’ Air® is designed with air purifying effects to reduce exposure to VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) such as formaldehyde – a chemical commonly used in building materials and the production of everyday household products. Exposure to formaldehyde has been known to irritate the eyes and respiratory systems and is considered a cancer-causing potential by multiple expert agencies.

With Activ’ Air®, formaldehyde-filled gases from the environment are captured, converted into unharmful inert compounds, and trapped within the board for a tested period of up to 50 years. This non-combustible gypsum Plasterboard is highlighted with an aesthetically pleasant finishing and can be incorporated within Gyproc® gypsum Plasterboard.

Lightweight, crack-free, and easy to install, Activ’ Air® is essential for those who are seeking a healthier living and working environment.

More information of Activ’ Air® in Appendix B

Multi-Comfort Standard

Saint-Gobain recognises that numerous factors and conditions can affect how users feel within a building and their ability to perform their tasks effectively. Multi-Comfort by Saint-Gobain focuses on the core four main considerations that affect people’s sense and their perception of comfort within the building. The Four Sensory Comforts: thermal comfort, visual comfort, acoustic comfort, and air quality, help to determine the optimal setting for any space. To achieve the perfect space, Saint-Gobain’s multitude of brands work in unison to improve habitat and day-to-day living.

The regional SensoriaLab was opened in Saint-Gobain’s Singapore headquarters and serves as a showcase to sustainable space and living. The SensoriaLab is an exhibit of the diversity Saint-Gobain has and offers a first-hand experience to features such as the thermal delta, Smart Glass glazing, a labyrinth featuring comfortable silence and noise correction products, and an infrared zone to observe heat transfers.

More information of both the Multi-Comfort Standard and SensoriaLab in Appendix C

Saint-Gobain’s latest goal, set in 2020, is to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. Additionally, Saint-Gobain proceeded to further their commitment in November 2020, adding intermediate environmental targets and interim efforts for 2030 in more areas of their business to attain their goal. This includes reducing Scope 1 (direct emissions from manufacturing plants) and Scope 2 (electricity-related emissions) by 33% by 2030*; and Scope 3 (value chain emissions) by 16% over the same period.

It is definitive that Saint-Gobain’s in-depth understanding and keen interest in the way we live is key to why they strive to bring about change and work towards creating a better future.

* Reduction of 30% in absolute terms compared to actual emissions in 2017, and of 33% compared to 2017 emissions as adjusted for acquisitions made between 2017 and the date on of the target’s approval.

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