Four trending #cleantok videos you should try right now – and two you should always avoid

The best and worst cleaning tips trending on social media – according to the experts

At a time when hygiene is considered more important than ever, a corner of social media dedicated to home cleaning hacks has now blossomed into a world of its own. 

TikTok cleaning videos – which carry the hashtag #cleantok – have racked up more than 20 billion views. But with so much footage to sift through, how can people know which ‘CleanToks’ are worthwhile and which are unreliable?

Thankfully, expert cleaning brand Gtech – a company with two decades’ worth of experience in the home cleaning sector – have done the hard work. 

A deep dive into ‘CleanTok’ has seen Gtech pull out four trending hacks you definitely need to try in 2021 – and two you should ALWAYS avoid.

Top 4 TikTok cleaning hacks to try

Carolina Mccauley’s Home Hacks TikTok channel has proven hugely popular in ‘CleanTok’ land – with the Perth-based user accruing more than 1.4 million followers.

Mcauley posts hacks on a regular basis, but this little magic trick on how to clean a toilet is one of her very best.

It can be achieved in four simple steps:

  • Spray the toilet with white vinegar and wipe the surfaces with toilet paper.
  • Next, soak some toilet paper with white vinegar and place under the rim of the bowl, all the way around, letting them sit for 10 minutes.
  • Remove the toilet paper and then scrub any remaining residue with a toothbrush.
  • Finish up by pouring white vinegar and baking soda into the toilet bowl and give it a once over with a toilet brush.

Hey, presto. Sparkling.

Another popular ‘CleanTok’ account is @momthatlovestoclean – with the user now being followed by almost 900,000 people.

Featuring cleaning spray recipes and mop head management, there’s a bit of everything on this channel when it comes to home hacks. But one of the top tips involves a method for doubling up your vacuum cleaner as an air freshener.

It’s really easy, too. Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the filter and then vacuum as normal.

It’s a small change, but an effective way to send a welcoming fragrance permeating throughout the home.

Refined Living has created a wide array of products designed to help people organise and bring life to their homes – but the company is also a welcome member of the ‘CleanTok’ community.

There’s a shower cleaner hack on this channel which is definitely worth a mention – a tried and tested method to get screen glass glistening.

The steps are as follows:

  • Rinse the shower screen with your shower head if it’s detachable, otherwise, a spray bottle filled with water will do the trick.
  • Next, fill up a refillable dishwasher brush with washing up liquid and scrub the surface from top to bottom.
  • Finish off with a window cleaner squeegee, removing the soaps and suds from the glass. This way, you don’t get any unsightly streaks as you would from a cloth or toilet paper.

Easy peasy!

Tanya Home Inspo has had cleaning hacks featured in a number of media outlets – and this snazzy method for getting stains off grills is one of the best examples of why she’s getting shout-outs in the press.

The video shows how you can pour washing up liquid into ice cube trays, pop them in the freezer, and use the coloured cubes as scourers to clean your grill.

As soon as you apply the cubes to the metal with a little pressure, the stains come right off.

This hack is also just as effective on all kinds of dishes.

Two TikTok cleaning hacks to avoid

On the other hand, not all of the ‘CleanTok’ world is to be trusted – and some methods can actually do more harm than good.

Here are a couple of cleaning hacks you should steer clear of.

  1. itzshauni’s TikTok car cleaner hack

itzshauni is massive on TikTok – with a staggering following of 15.8 million users.

However, homeowners are urged to steer clear of her car cleaner hack – which involves pouring washing up liquid down a hose before attaching the head attachment, resulting in soapy water being sprayed directly onto the car.

It’s a nifty trick, granted, but you should never use washing up liquid as it damages the paint of your car.

2. King of the Clean’s TikTok washing machine hack

King of the Clean has attracted thousands to his TikTok channel through a mix of surface scrubbing and drain rinsing hacks.

However, there’s a washing machine trick on here which is probably best avoided.

In this particular video, King of the Clean pops two dishwasher tablets into the machine and sets it to a spin. However, this method can cause an excess of foam build-up in the drum, which may lead to performance issues in the future.

Instead, get your washing machine sparkling by adding half a cup of soda crystals to the appliance and running it on its highest and hottest setting.

Good as new!

A Gtech spokesperson commented: “Knowing which trending cleaning hacks are the real deal can be a minefield in the sea of #cleantok.

“Try one which isn’t as endorsed, however, and you could end up with irreparably damaged items.

“We at Gtech believe that cleaning is something that people should enjoy – and not be misled by.

“Finding a new way to clean that really works, however, is always a game-changer, which is why we hope our list of the top four can be helpful to people who are looking to weed out the wheat from the #cleantok chaff.”

For further insights from the Gtech team, visit the Gtech blog.


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