Things to consider when looking for a family-friendly home in London

London has always been the most desirable place to live in, with the river Thames lining the city. This is because the population in the city has only grown at a rate of knots over the years. This has led to the rise in demand for real estate in London. In addition, most overseas investors buy properties to let out for the local residents, opening many doors for those on a house-hunt.

Looking for a new home in London confuses people at times for the many great neighbourhoods to choose from that have plenty of amenities, good schools and safe parks. Families occupy most neighbourhoods for the friendly and welcoming community spirits in those areas. Location is a crucial factor in deciding on a family’s next home or investment property to be like. Considering the safety factors of the neighbourhood is essential if you have children that go outside on their own. It is worth checking out the security measures available in different neighbourhoods. Finding the perfect area can be achieved with the help of Kings Cross estate agents, where the list of properties across areas are readily available to rent or purchase. 


It is easy to find a decent home in any part of the city of London. It requires a great deal of patience and homework to finalize the right property and make it an ideal place of residence. A wide range of homes is available for people to choose from. Many parts of London, like Barking, Richmond, Dagenham, etc., many aspects of London have homes that are big and affordable for families moving into this place. With the assistance of Marylebone estate agents, people can find Victorian and Georgian homes or detached homes with life-sized backyards, where children can spend more leisure time in a private open space.


It is necessary to have all significant amenities in the vicinity when living with families in London. There are numerous schools in London, leaving many options for the newly arrived families in the city. Most families wish to live close to schools to avoid the hassle of commutation. Likewise, nearby markets, healthcare centres, boutiques, and restaurants are essential so that families can enjoy their weekend getaways. Different parts of London like Richmond, Bexley, Fulham, Greenwich, and more are ideal for families who plan to reside there for a while.     


London is well known for the widespread greenery-filled lanes pleasing and bringing about a calming effect for the nearby residents. UK’s most popular parks like the Regent’s park, Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens, Notting Hill etc., are the most visited places by people. Open spaces are more preferred by families so that children spend more quality time in a beautiful setting. Moving further to the outskirts, people who fancy spending time in the open air can experience a balanced life with a blend of large open spaces, tall standing shops, boutiques, modern flats scattered across the city.


Most residents prefer taking public transport to save time and escape the London traffic. Local buses are popular among the residents to reach nearby destinations. Office goers choose the underground tubes to travel efficiently. Getting a property that is close to active travel links and other significant amenities takes a long while. Approaching Hyde Park estate agents will help people find the right home in London. Families prefer an easy way of commutation for their children to ensure their safety and save more time. Travelling to other parts of London and the UK is more manageable with nearby stations like Paddington, Kings Cross, Euston and more. 


Young and growing families love to stroll around the place and are on the constant lookout for new areas in London. London is home to numerous museums, parks and multiple boutiques that are visited by the residents regularly. In addition, the weekend markets held across different parts of London is a muse for the majority of the residents. With a line-up of handicrafts, plant nurseries, and independent shops, families can effortlessly enjoy their past time in the city’s vibrant streets. The nightlife is equally lively and amusing with restaurants, gastro bars, and cafes. 


Most people prefer renting out properties as it is a feasible option as purchasing is a long term and expensive commitment. Families with more members opt for bigger homes with a more significant number of rooms in them. This is a pivotal factor that influences the increased number of renters in London. Many boroughs in London are affordable for families planning to settle in the city. With many buy-to-let homes that cost less than £1,000, people can get hold of this viable option. The rental value depends on the location, property type, furnishings of the property and more

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