Lose Weight And Enjoy Playing Table Tennis

Have you ever considered playing table tennis might be a fun and convenient way for you to torch calories and lose weight?

Science confirms that playing table tennis can help you achieve your desired BMI. On top of that, practicing table tennis an hour a day can be just as effective in losing weight as running on a gym treadmill for an hour. How’s that for a workout? 

If you are curious whether your favorite sport can help you lose weight, the good news is that it’s more than possible. It all comes down to a brilliant combination of intensity, endurance training, and calorie burning in just about a 45-minute match of competitive table tennis. The numbers are pretty impressive! Learn more about how playing table tennis can help you burn off those extra pounds. 

The Number Of Calorie You Can Burn Playing Table Tennis

One of the best ways to get in shape and burn calories pragmatically is playing table tennis. In fact, a person weighing 165-pound can burn 314 calories approximately by playing a singles table tennis match for an hour at a slow or moderate pace.

But a person weighing 175-pound burns 666 calories by playing table tennis at the same moderate pace in an hour. This means there’s a close link between how much you weigh and the calories you can burn by playing table tennis. You get to burn more calories if you weigh more.

Plus, the more active you are while playing table tennis, you get to shed off as much weight. The busier your racket, the more calories you’ll burn. Once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize weight loss can indeed be enjoyable. It is also a great way to improve endurance.

What type of Table Tennis Weight Loss results can you expect? This online calculator can count the number of calories you can expect to burn based on your weight when playing table tennis.

A Sport That Gives You Full-Body Workout 

Table Tennis is a game that requires more energy than swimming in terms of bearing physical and brain endurance. It is a low-impact game that builds your reflexes. This sport requires that you are physically able to control your forearm, wrist, elbow, and shoulder strength in order for you to move the racket and hit with great force on the ball. 

Aside from this, table tennis also improves flexibility, keeps your mind alert, and gives you an excellent cardiovascular workout. If you dread having to go to the gym or forcing yourself to stick to some strict diet, a simple lifestyle choice can indeed be all that you need to shed that weight. And, table tennis gives you the chance to play your way to better health. 

A single game of table tennis will burn even more fat than playing soccer, basketball, or dancing. So if you are looking for a fun way to burn some calories, why not try playing table tennis? Check out this article to learn more about the benefits of ping pong and how it can help you lose weight and gain fitness.

Playing Table Tennis Is Safer and More Convenient To Lose Weight

Table tennis burns calories like no other sport and has low impact because you don’t need to jump or run. In fact, table tennis is ideal for people who have had previous injuries that prevent them from playing other sports. Also, the risk of injury in table tennis is lower than it is for most other sports. 

The low-impact exercise of table tennis is much safer than other sports, explains Petroj Sorin, the state coach and the founder of TableTennisTop.com, a website providing guidance, tips, and gear reviews for table tennis players and fitness enthusiasts. 

So don’t get stuck thinking your kid needs to take an aerobic fitness class to lose weight because aerobic exercises are associated with a significant number of sports injuries, including traumatic injuries and concussions. Rather let your children enjoy table tennis, which is suitable for all ages and helps burn calories in a pain-free way. It is a fun sports activity that they’ll not only enjoy but also shed weight more productively and safely.

Now that you know how table tennis can help you lose weight, you must be getting antsy to burn off your calories right away. The best thing is that you can easily add some table tennis drills to your workout routine or effortlessly lose weight.

Don’t know how? Check out these table tennis fitness tips, which teach you how to switch on your turbo burners!

Tips For Playing Table Tennis To Lose Weight

Whether you’re playing table tennis to burn calories quickly, shed pounds, or improve your game, here are the four things that you should add to your game and get the most of your practice.

Speed Up Your Footwork 

One of the many convenient aspects of table tennis is that there are no restrictions to movement as long you don’t’ hit ping pong ball to the net. Also, you can’t really play a well-round without practicing good footwork.

Regardless of your age and the level of the game, practicing movement at the table with a racket in hand can definitely improve your game by up to 30%! If you watch the top table tennis players and champs, you’ll see that winning a table tennis match also has a lot to do with working on the footwork and making progressive movements.

Take Advantage of Interval Training To Jumpstart Your Performance

Table tennis is really a game of mental dexterity and fast movement rather than physical strength. It’s important to understand that your mind has a lot to do with the way you improve, more than you think. One major thing is to make interval training part of your workout regimen, and it will help you burn calories much faster and increase your stamina level.

Consider increasing the speed of your footwork and intensity with interval training to burn calories and rev up your game. And when it comes to interval training and practicing table tennis at your own pace, a ping pong robot can make the difference. 

It’s true that most ping pong robots like the Amicus Prime are indeed very expensive. But you can find a list of affordable ping pong robots that can certainly help improve your basic skills and test your footwork.

Play With As Many Different Players As Possible

An excellent way to make playing table tennis more fun is to play with different people. Playing with different players not only keeps you motivated, but you also get to learn from your mistakes. So consider playing table tennis with other players. 

Another pragmatic way is to join your local community or contact the YMCA for information on table tennis lessons or sign up for clubs through the American table tennis portal to inform you about monthly and annual tournaments.

Take Short Breaks To Your Advantage

We all know it’s best to take a moment to get your breath back, but sometimes it’s even more effective – especially when you are playing against a better player – to slow down between points or even stall for time. 

It is also crucial to take some time to coach yourself and assess your mind game. This could affect your opponent psychologically as well. If you do it in the right way, you may gain an advantage and improve the final result of your match. 

Take, for instance, England’s No. 1 and World No.14, Liam Pitchford’s comeback at the 2021 WTT Cup quarterfinals, and his correct timing to take advantage of his time-out and win the deciding game against the World No. 12 Jang Woojin of South Korea.

Wrapping Up        

Obviously, you should try playing table tennis if you want to keep yourself healthy and fit. It helps improve your heart, burns calories and lose weight at the same time. The more you engage in playing table tennis, the more fitness you can get out of it. 

But the many parks of playing table tennis don’t only contribute to losing weight. It contributes to your overall health and wellness.

Whether out of genuine interest or just for fun, you need to know about significant health benefits that come your way when you play table tennis.

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