How To Practice Box Breathing Technique For Stress Relief

It is certain that stress has creeped into our lives like anything. Be it our professional lives or issues in our personal lives, stress makes sure that it shows its ugly head in some or other form. However, what is needed is that you deal with all these issues by keeping your mind calm and peaceful. If you are wondering how you can keep yourself at peace while making any decision or acting right in real life, one of the most interesting methods is the box breathing technique.

So what is this box breathing technique and how can one practice it for its effectiveness? Let’s figure that out in the blog here.

What Is Box Breathing?

Box breathing is a technique where an individual is asked to perform slow and deep breathing. It is also called four-square breathing and is capable of increasing the performance and concentration of a person. The technique can be performed by anyone who wishes to cut down stress and meditate in peace. From athletes to army personnel, technique for box breathing helps numerous people in maintaining their mental as well as physical health.

How To Practice Box Breathing?

Sit in a comfortable position before getting started. Sit in a comfortable chair and place your feet on the ground flat. Stay in a quiet environment and begin focusing on breathing. Make sure your hands are placed flat on the lap and your posture is also maintained.

Step 1: While sitting upright, exhale through your mouth and empty your lungs completely. Maintain your consciousness and intention of what you are doing in the present.

Step 2: Inhale slowly and deeply through your nose and start counting to four very slowly. Feel the lungs filled with air until they are completely full and air starts traveling in the abdomen.

Step 3: Hold your breath wherever it is and count one to four once again.

Step 4: Exhale once again through your mouth and count from one to four. Let all the inhaled air expelled out smoothly.

Show the consciousness of air leaving the lungs and act accordingly.

What Are The Benefits Of Box Breathing?

There is numerous evidence which proves that deep breathing is capable of calming and regulating the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Box breathing is capable of regulating the body functions like temperature and lowering of blood pressure which sends out immediate calm.

  • As and when one breathes slowly and holds the breath, carbon dioxide is built inside the body. This increased carbon dioxide inside blood helps in enhancing cardio-inhibitory response, giving out a calm and relaxed feeling.
  • The box breathing technique is also helpful in improving mood as well as reducing stress. This is why it is recommended by therapists and counsellors to panic disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, depression and post traumatic stress disorder.
  • In fact, many patients dealing with insomnia get their nervous system managed using box breathing techniques and even recommended to those suffering with pain.
  • One can get themselves prepared for future reactions to stress using this technique. Also, involving this practice in meditation and yoga on a regular basis can act as a warrior against stress in the coming ages.
  • A lot of symptoms of physical stress can come down due to box breathing techniques along with reduction of production of hormones like cortisol.

What Are Some Common Tips For Beginners?

It is difficult to practice box breathing if you are a complete beginner. It is because one may feel dizzy after a few rounds and it is normal anyway. Another important tip is that you need to find a quiet place with lightly dim environments. Although dim light is not required to practice box breathing, you can still start to practice anywhere. 

You can even practice this technique several times a day and help de-stressing yourself by calming the nerves. When you are practicing deep breathing techniques, you can even place one hand on your chest and the other on your lower stomach. This will help you in understanding the flow of air taking place in the body.


We hope that these ways of practicing box breathing techniques for stress relief are helpful for you in getting a sense of calm and peace. Make sure that you induct box breathing exercise in your everyday lifestyle and spread the word to your loved ones too. As stress is not going down any sooner, it is important that you are ready to fight this bulk of stress already in advance. Also, remember to relax the muscles down instead of engaging them throughout the session and enjoy every bit of it for better results.

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