The Scientific World Has Launched An SOS To The Government

In the absence of knowing the exact items of the 2021 General State Budgets PGE «Public accounts as explained by the minister will boost competitiveness through innovation research and knowledge of emerging areas In this sense they represent an unprecedented effort in R D i and digitization areas that will receive 12344 million euros explains Moncloa

However the scientific world led by the Spanish Association of Biocompanies AseBio the Spanish Association for Cancer Research Aseica and the Alliance of Severo Ochoa Centers and María de Maeztu Units of Excellence SOMM Excellence Alliance which brings together 53 research centers in which more than 8000 scientists work recalled that Spain only invests 124 of GDP in the R D I sector a figure very far from the average of the EU from 212 and from the European countries that lead spending on science and innovation in which it exceeds 3

Investing in R D I is not a luxury but one of the few tools we have to improve the wellbeing and quality of life of citizens denounces the document released today

The text highlights the need to invest in science and innovation an investment says the scientific world which has permeated society and has grown even more during the current health and economic crisis Despite this we have been unable to contribute decisively to a stable R D I policy in our country they explain

The figures advanced by the Executive of Pedro Sánchez foresee an extraordinary injection of 5106 million which represents an increase of 801 and the endowment assigned to the Ministry of Science and Innovation increases to 3232 million euros

However they recall the investment lag of more than a decade Only through this change these academic and business associations have pointed out will Spain be able to face the pending challenges warns the Spanish scientific sector

To do this they ask the political world to take advantage of the funds from the European Union for reconstruction and start a national commitment to promote Spanish R D I and ensure that the GDP allocated to this field rises to 25 of GDP in 2027

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