PP Leader Citizens Support The Government While The PP Is Silent

The Catalan Government criticizes the decree, which raises doubts about the support of the pro-independence parties

The Government wants the state of alarm to be approved this time without the opposition of any party helped because the request comes from 10 autonomous communities of all political colors and because the PP has just started a turn to the center after the breakdown of Pablo Casado with Vox

However the sector of the Catalan Government of Junts per Catalunya criticized the decree yesterday which raises doubts about the support of the proindependence parties Citizens advanced their vote in favor while the PP chose to wait and remain silent

The President of the Government Pedro Sánchez spoke yesterday with Pablo Casado to ask for his support for the new state of alarm that the Government wants to extend until next May

This time the president seeks to attract consensus to the PP to avoid the political row that characterized the end of the state of alarm during the first wave of the pandemic

Sánchez did not reveal what the PP leader responded to him in that private conversation but he insisted later in his public appearance in asking for support from all parties

It was above all pressure directed at the PP to which he also appealed emphasizing that it is a matter of State The PP leadership preferred to remain silent until today but some of the popular regional presidents did support the measure Also from the opposition the president of Ciudadanos Inés Arrimadas rushed to give her support

The state of alarm is the first litmus test of Casados turn after breaking with Vox The PP will have to choose between staging that the censorship of Santiago Abascal is not support for the Government or reinforcing its image as a state party

The PP leader decided to delay his assessment until today but yesterdays statements by various popular leaders showed that there is internal debate

Autonomous barons such as the president of Murcia Fernando López Miras and that of Castilla y León Alfonso Fernández Mañueco expressed their agreement with the decree On the other hand the spokesman for the national executive José Luis MartínezAlmeida came out immediately after Sánchezs appearance to criticize the Government

The citizens do not deserve this bewilderment Between this press conference and this state of imminent alarm only 10 days have passed wrote the mayor of Madrid on his Twitter account attaching a video with some statements by Fernando Simón in which he said that his feeling was that Spain it was in a stabilization phase prior to a possible decline in the contagion curve

The PP voted against the last extensions of the previous state of alarm and Casado has since demanded the modification of the Organic Law of 1986 on Special Measures in Public Health Matters to provide legal security to the measures of each Administration without having to resort to the alarm state

The regional presidents have also defended that route but they do not see the state of alarm in the same way as Genoa I hope they come to their senses says a PP baron about the leadership of his party Casado has taken a turn but now he has to show that he is sincere and close the circle of moderation saying I have defended the no to the state of alarm but given the seriousness of the situation the PP will abstain he adds

The relationship between the communities governed by the popular and the Executive has been different from that between it and the leadership of the PP only in Madrid has there been an open confrontation with La Moncloa Regional leaders of the PP believe that Isabel Díaz Ayuso and her chief of staff Miguel Ángel Rodríguez have too much influence in Genoa

The PSOE spokeswoman in Congress Adriana Lastra appeared yesterday almost exclusively to demand that the PP of this new stage of Casado join in supporting the validation of the decree and not boycott the autonomies that governs an instrument that has been shown effective

And he resorted to putting pressure on the leader of the opposition to his new focused attitude shown last Thursday in the motion of censure of Vox Many of us wanted to see in the words of Casado against Vox a door to negotiation we hope that they begin to become facts and not mere propaganda

Ayusos criticism

Madrids president Isabel Díaz Ayuso came down with new criticism of the measure which she has always opposed The state of alarm is a failure he said yesterday in an interview on Telemadrid

We have reached a situation that could have been avoided It is not good for the image of Spain Drive away tourism and initiative Madrid will be able to walk with greater legal certainty he added Vox also announced that it will vote against

The problem may not be only the PP judging by the criticism that the Government of the Generalitat made yesterday to the decree The Minister of the Interior Miquel Sàmper described it as insufficient and assured that it is not an example of cogovernance because it greatly limits the performance of the autonomous communities

In reality it is the opposite since it leaves important decisions in the hands of the autonomous governments including the closure of mobility with neighboring communities

However the assessment of ERC is yet to be known with whose votes 13 would be enough to carry out the state of alarm together with the ten from Citizens The government also needs the PNV Sources of this party with 6 seats refused to advance the direction of their vote

The decree responds in principle to the request of the Lehendakari but we have to see over the next few days how the state of alarm is substantiated especially legally they said

The Government can count on the support of Citizens Its president Inés Arrimadas confirmed it yesterday in a video that she published on her social networks We support it because it is necessary to take restrictive measures Our objective is to avoid a total confinement as in March he argued

However he asked Sánchez that the Government assume its responsibility have command and not delegate that each community can do what it wants and that it approve a rescue plan for the most affected sectors Cs has not yet ruled on the possibility of the extension lasting six months Sources in his management said yesterday that they needed to analyze it

Several socialist presidents demanded consensus from the rest of the parties The Valencian Ximo Puig made a call to all governments and groups in Congress to give support to this state measure Let us not centrifuge responsibility neither governments nor opposition Unity he asked

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