Turn To The Center Of Pablo Casado Dislodges Ciudadanos

The internal debate oscillates between seeking the center-left or returning to the tough opposition to Pedro Sánchez

The trip to the center of Pablo Casado has caught Ciudadanos in the wrong direction The party of Inés Arrimadas did not expect the divorce of the extreme right of the leader of the PP or that he would launch himself for his political space

The management of Cs on Friday considered putting Casados movement to the test pressuring him to agree on the Budgets with the Government but postponed the idea The internal debate oscillates between seeking the centerleft or returning to the tough opposition to Pedro Sánchez

Married removed Arrimadas from the scene in the motionCitizens sources are also supported Inéss speech was good but Pablo took the focus away from her

It is evident that the person who has best capitalized on the motion of censure has been him analyzes a regional leader

The movement of the leader of the PP set off the alarms in the direction of Cs Politics is today more than ever communication and the parties are anxiously living to lose prominence in public debate

Arrimadas sought to recover it with an urgent appearance on Friday in which he offered Pedro Sánchez his support for a state of alarm at the national level

In the meeting of the leadership that preceded that appearance more options were considered and there was debate on the possibility of testing the turn to the center of the PP

It was discussed proposing to Casado an agreement on the Budgets agreed between the Government the PP and Citizens So the popular leader would have to demonstrate whether his turn is real or just discursive If he rejected it as was foreseeable it would allow Cs to mark a genuinely centrist profile because Arrimadas is willing to agree

But the idea ended up being discarded pending further analysis Carlos Cuadrado Deputy Secretary General and Arrimadas right hand man did not see him We have a focus problem because we are not being brave laments an important member of the executive nucleus

The movement Married forced to react to citizens to defend their space If the PP occupies the centerright differentiated from the ultras what gap does Arrimadas have

The game is abuzz with doubts about strategy Ciudadanos continues without taking off in a definitive way and although it has been recovering ground since the electoral collapse that plunged 68 of votes it is still below 10 In the last barometer of the CIS it broke its slightly upward trend and was the party with the greatest decline it dropped two points up to 88

The different internal sensitivities maintain opposing views For some the turn of the PP pushes to try to grow by the centerleft while for others the problem is the offer of a pact with Sánchez which is not electorally profitable

There have been wrong readings of what happened between the general elections of April and November 2019 it is believed that we lost by listing to the right and it was not like that the voter who left us did not go to the PSOE he went to the PP and Vox

If Inés now made an opposition to Sánchez like the one she did to the independentistas in Catalonia she would regain ground We are not getting anything in exchange for this followup and thus we go straight to integration with the PP analyzes an Andalusian leader

In Andalusia the first government of which Cs was part with external support from Vox the strategy of reaching agreements with the Executive has detractors

The social democratic sector of Cs makes a different analysis It will not be so easy for Casado to keep what he has decided PP and Vox are at war and that takes pressure off us

And also what about the space left by the PSOE in the centerleft Reflects another member of the leadership Several voices of this sensitivity are committed to trying to attract the moderate socialist voter there is an opportunity they believe because many reject Sánchezs agreements with the independentistas

Other party heavyweights see Casados movement as an opportunity to explore a broad alliance of constitutionalism The PSOE Cs and the PP are condemned to understand each other This first step of the PP gives some hope that the PSOE corresponds The ball is in Sánchezs court says another important leader

The discussion has not yet jumped to the party bodies and the Arrimadas environment maintains its commitment to trying a budget agreement with the Government But the internal debate is intense and there is a coincidence that Casados turn forces us to move thinking above all about the elections in Catalonia the main fiefdom of Cs where Arrimadas plays it

Silence in public praise in private

The speech of the leader of the PP in the debate of the motion of censure in which he broke with Vox has won him praise from locals and strangers He highlighted however the silence of Cs his government partner in four autonomies We are not here to assess the strategies of other parties but to save lives the question from journalists Inés Arrimadas dispatched on Friday

The reality is that most of the Cs leaders privately admit that they liked Pablo Casado a lot It was tremendous admits a member of the Arrimadas Sanhedrin Married was the best of the hemicycle by far says a regional leader The performance of the leader of Cs also liked his but his speech paled in part with the vibrant intervention of the president of the PP

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