Women Do Not Earn The Same As Men This Is The Wage Gap In The Ibex 35

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Seniority, presence in command positions or work-life balance explain the gender pay differences in large Spanish listed companies

The government approved last week the regulations that set the standards for salary audits equality plans and their registration The Workers Statute prohibits wage discrimination against two people of different sex who perform the same function

However reality shows that men charge more on average than women The lower presence of these in managerial positions the brake of motherhood in professional careers the unequal distribution of the conciliation or the lower seniority are some of the reasons

This is the Xray of the payroll within the Ibex 35 in fiscal year 2019 there is no data from ArcelorMittal Solaria and Merlin Properties


The company found a gap between men and women in all its businesses of 5 In its production and business development area the total average salary of a manager over 50 years is 127610 euros for men and 88481 euros in the case of women

For that same age group in the case of technicians and graduates the average payroll is 48988 euros and 39036 euros

The gender pay difference was 375 The steel group argues that the incorporation of female workers has occurred mainly in recent years which implies differences in the total remuneration received with the seniority supplement

Another factor to take into account as indicated by the company in its annual report is the perception of other salary concepts related to work shifts carried out mainly by men

Male managers and university graduates earned an average of 80583 euros in 2019 compared to 67031 euros for women In the case of the difference in the group of undergraduate and administrative technicians it was 49583 euros compared to 34678 euros

The differences are mainly due to the greater presence in activities such as infrastructures in countries with a higher per capita income as well as the type specialization working hours seniority risk factors of the different activities of the group says ACS in his memory

The airport manager says that his collective agreement does not discriminate on the basis of sex However the numbers do point to remuneration differences 30 that are due to the existence of different occupations included in the same category

The average remuneration of Aenas senior management in the case of men was 130380 euros compared to 99211 for women for their part in the group managers and graduates they earned more on average 68809 euros than they 64342

Pharmaceutical workers received an average salary of 82559 euros last year and female workers stayed at 67213 euros

The average salary gap in the air reservation manager in 2019 was 101 and the median 91 On average an Amadeus worker earned € 67887 while the payroll for women was € 56923

Santander Bank
The average total remuneration last year was 54123 euros for men and 34273 euros for women Santander uses two types of metrics On the one hand the gender pay gap which was 31 and which measures the difference in remuneration regardless of the nature of their work in an organization

The differences stem mainly from factors such as the lower representation of women in managerial and business positions and their greater presence in retail and support banking positions The other metric it uses is gender pay equity which was 2 and is calculated by comparing salaries between men and women who perform the same job at the same level and in the same function

Sabadell Bank
The entity has detected a salary difference of 1187 in Spain which is explained by the lower seniority of the female group and the lower presence of women in management positions

In Sabadell on average men earned 60462 euros last year compared to 45660 euros that women received

The adjusted salary gap of the statecontrolled entity in 2019 stood at 416 The salary differences are greater in positions of greater responsibility Thus the average remuneration of managers was 83329 euros for men and 70119 euros in the case of women

For the rest of the groups employees the average salary was 53364 euros for men and 48187 euros for women

In 2019 the gap for positions of equal value in the bank as a whole was 13 In the management team the average remuneration for those over 45 years of age was 94319 euros in the case of men and 60126 euros in women while in this same group but for people under 45 years of age the distribution by sex It is 66065 euros compared to 46223 euros respectively

Among middle managers male workers earn 59177 euros on average if they are over 45 years of age and 48929 for those below that age while women receive 37813 and 30566 euros respectively

The entity distinguishes between the average remuneration gap 19 in 2019 and the wage gap compares wages between employees with the same seniority who perform the same function which stands at 169 in the entire group 063 in Caixabank and 53 in BPI

If only the average remuneration in the Caixabank Group is taken into account men received 65857 euros compared to 53076 euros for women

The average gap by category was 855 and 541 per job On average men received 63199 euros and women 46410 The greatest difference occurs in senior management 323314 euros compared to 255823 euros and middle managers 80792 vs 68382 while in the staff women earn a little more on average 27609 euros than men 27053 euros

In the management area men received an average of 177109 euros last year and women 156866 euros In the category of bosses and managers the distribution was 88164 and 89543 euros respectively while among the group coordinators other employees the average remuneration was 46764 euros men and 45567 euros women

Cie Automotive
The gap was 5 with an average gross remuneration for men of 15450 euros and 14750 euros for women In 2018 the gap amounted to 13

In 2019 the salary gap understood as the base salary difference was 29 Last year men on average earned 85031 euros compared to 72563 euros received by female workers The biggest difference occurs in the managers they earned an average of 180542 euros and they only 158421 euros The company attributes this to the fact that there are more men in this category and their seniority is higher

In 2019 the average salary between men and women shows a distance of 84 In electricity on average men received 67240 euros for women 61565 euros although there are notable variations depending on which professional category is analyzed

The most significant differences are caused by the effect of the number of years of permanence in the company the incorporation under different collective agreements and by the lower presence of women in certain positions of high technical content For its part the 2019 wage gap using the median was 25

In his business in Spain last year the average wage gap was 155 in the United Kingdom it was 256 and in the United States it was 17

In the national business the average salary of men stood at 32503 euros while women received 27464 euros

The blood products group uses the adjusted wage gap in its analysis This ratio is calculated using econometric models that isolate the effect on wages of factors such as age length of time working hours or training

The result is a gap of 51 in Spain 175 unadjusted and 22 in the US In Spain a senior manager earns an average of 192914 euros and a senior manager 136106 euros that a senior professional receives 43729 euros he and 40595 euros she

In 2019 the average remuneration for men was 47597 and 37963 euros in the case of women Among the senior executives the distribution was 276900 euros compared to 233449 euros in the case of other members of the management team the gap was 81431 euros compared to 59676 euros while in the rest of employees category men earned an average of 46658 euros compared to 37346 euros for women

The electricity company is one of the few companies in the Ibex where they 50086 euros charge more than they do 47614 euros Among those over 51 years of age employees earn more 75089 euros than female employees 66993 euros between 31 and 50 years men received 43458 euros compared to 50487 euros for women while in the case of those under 30 years of age the average male payroll was 23357 euros compared to 25183 euros for women

The average remuneration of women last year was 21142 euros gross per year while that of men was 24897 euros Despite this difference the wage gap reported by Inditex is 02 higher in favor of women 08 in 2018 since in the absolute figures there is a proportion of women in a significant number of markets in which the local currency conversion results in a lower figure in euros

The gap stands at 303 This difference is influenced by the historical composition of the company and the lower seniority of the group in the company explains Indra in its annual report The largest salary difference occurs in managerial positions for those over 50 where men received an average of 167654 euros in 2019 compared to 114917 euros for women

The smallest salary distance occurs among the group of technicians between 30 and 50 years old 26904 euros vs 24029

In 2019 the gap in the direction of Colonial was 3 in the case of those responsible for 22 and among the administrative 11

The adjusted gap on the groups fixed remuneration was 306 being higher in Spain 596 In the domestic business last year managers received an average fixed salary of 73343 euros and managers 56131 euros in the case of technicians the distribution was 40751 euros men and 34871 euros women while in the administrative ones it was 30287 euros and 27215 euros respectively

In the hotel management the gap was 076 with an average salary of 115645 euros men and 88241 euros women Among middle managers there is almost parity 40044 euros compared to 39855 and in the case of base personnel women received an average salary higher 15936 euros than men 12877 euros

The workers of the energy group received an average of 58755 euros in 2019 while the workers received 52111 euros The largest gap 231 occurs in the category of operators where men received 37982 euros and women 29207 euros Among the managers they earned 114090 euros and they 99173 euros

Pharma Mar
The average remuneration by sex was 90231 euros for men and 70027 euros in the case of women

Electric Network
On average male employees earned € 61267 in 2019 and female employees € 57692 The main gap is in management 150604 euros men and 137330 euros women

The oil company recalls that in its collective agreements in no case do they establish remuneration differences based on gender Even so the wage gap in Spain is 095 An average manager received 320230 euros and a woman 279853 euros in the case of technical managers the distribution was 99284 and 93909 euros between the technicians the distance was from 58089 euros to 51341 euros among administrative workers salaries were 52601 and 40043 euros respectively

Siemens Gamesa
Women had a higher average gross salary base plus variables 53369 euros than men 46888 euros

The groups gross gap is 0191 and the adjusted one is 0031 The total average remuneration of the operator in the case of men in 2019 was 41076 euros and for women it was 33235 euros

The higher proportion of managers in the sector the worklife balance and the scarce presence of women in science technology and engineering careers are the main factors identified by the company when explaining these differences

Employees received 33531 euros on average in 2019 and female employees only 23688 euros The gap is similar to that of other industrial companies says Viscofán who attributes the difference to the level of specialization dangerousness or seniority bonuses and night shifts among other factors

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