Mens Fashion Trends So Far In 2021

Fashion seems to be thriving every year across the globe. Catwalks are back and, now we can see some of the top designer brands that we have been missing out on including, movie and television awards returning. 

However, fashion has changed a lot since we last saw it back in 2019. There have been many fashion trends that have made a comeback this year. This article will discuss the fashion trends we have seen this year and how you should be wearing them.

Trench Coat

Now is the perfect time to buy yourself a trench coat for your autumn/ winter wardrobe. Trench coats are great for many things. They keep you dry and, they are a lot heavier compared to your usual coats. It is arguably one of the best fashion trends that we have seen this year.

Utility Clothing

Utility clothing is a fashion trend that has returned over the past few years. Although, utility clothing seemed to have become highly popular this year. It has been prominent for fashion catwalks as well. There are many ways that utility clothing is styled which, suits everybody needs.

You can either go for a safari look or explore military jackets. Many premium brands have decided to get on board with this style. Dior and Gucci are just two brands that have decided to style some of their clothes like this. 

Bomber jacket

The bomber jacket is another great style that has returned to mens fashion. Bomber jackets are also popular with women. These jackets are the best when the temperature is slightly warmer. Bobber jackets look a bit odd if you zip them up. Make sure you wear something stylish underneath. A polo shirt is something that looks great with a bomber jacket.

Statement Shirts

Statement shirts will be another great addition to your wardrobe. These are different to your traditional oxford shirts and, they stand out a lot. You can style this in many different ways as well. You have the option of wearing it as an overshirt or, wear it on its own. Finish the look off with a pair of jeans then you will be rocking your way through the rest of 2021.


Neon colours are not the easiest to wear although, it is something that you will see a lot at festivals. Going all out with neon colours can be very brave and could be over the top. Wear neon clothes that compliment your monochrome colours to give the style something a little bit extra.

Bermuda Shorts

Bermuda shorts have made a return this summer and, it is understandable why. Even though summer is coming to an end, they will be a great addition to your style if you are on holiday sometime soon.


Everybody lives in their tracksuits during lockdown. It was either that or, you would be wearing loungewear and onesies. Full tracksuits are the go-to outfit when you are lost for an outfit. Tracksuits can be worn casually or you can wear them if you are exercising. It just depends on how you prefer to style a tracksuit. Tracksuits are great with some of the trainer trends of 2021.

Pastel Colours

Pastel colours are the perfect colours to wear during Spring/ Summer. Peachy, cotton candy, minted, sunshine and fluff are just a select few of the colours that you will see.

Eighties Inspired Suits

The eighties and seventies fashions seemed to have made a return to catwalks and the rest of the fashion world. Both can be a difficult style to wear which, is why it is so odd that it has returned. If you are not sure how an eighties suit looks then, think of bright and vibrant colours. Not to mention that the pants are slightly wider than your modern-day suit. You would mainly wear these suits at an event as it would be difficult to pull off on the street.

To Conclude

Keeping up with the fashion industry can be difficult. Some of those trends that we have just mentioned are more suitable for catwalks. Others can be worn casually and the rest are more suitable for events.

Streetwear is a popular style to wear and has been for many years. If you are ever stuck with keeping up with the fashion industry then follow celebrities on social media platforms. That way you will be constantly in the loop. When you are shopping for your new style, browse online merchant stores to see if they have any offers or clothing vouchers. That way, you can get your mens clothing at a discount.

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