How To Determine Shopify-Based eCommerce Mobile App Development Cost?

Are you planning to build an online store using Shopify? The eCommerce app development has become the need of every business domain. There are multiple options available for eCommerce app development. Out of all the platforms available in the market, Shopify can be considered the best one. In this article, we will talk about profound eCommerce platforms – Shopify. The platforms offer robust features and unique templates to develop a creative eCommerce store.

If you have determination to set up your Shopify eCommerce store, you might get confused to choose the most suitable and reliable option for your eCommerce solution. Shopify helps you to stand out from the crowd. It lets you have a competitive advantage and supports your business to grow more. The recent advancements in technologies have transformed the eCommerce industry. The industry has adopted tech innovation in the best possible way.

Due to the growing usage of online platforms, people are more likely to adopt easy and comfortable solutions. Due to this, businesses are adopting advanced ways to develop user-friendly products. There are many mobile applications available, but only a few have gained massive popularity. Numerous mobile apps are deployed on the app store of Google Play Store but have failed to achieve the user’s attention. The reasons could be the use of the wrong platform and outdated technologies.     

Why is there a need to convert eCommerce applications to Shopify?

Shopify is a versatile platform that allows users to have a seamless shopping experience. Online shoppers can easily download the products or share them with others. Moreover, the platform never fails to impress the end-users by offering interactive user interface design. The ultimate user experience attracts the maximum shoppers and enhances the traffic on your online store.

Businesses can perform multiple tasks like a product launch, clearance sale, seasonal discounts, marketing, etc. A wide range of businesses have begun investing in Shopify app development and hiring an eCommerce App Development Company to develop a business-oriented solution. There are multiple reasons companies should invest in Shopify application; some of them are mentioned below: 

  • Mobile applications are easier to use, and users rely on mobile apps for excellent performance.
  • The app provides a great user experience and mobile-friendliness
  • Easy to navigate and allow users to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Features to develop a mobile application for Shopify store

Shopify is the most reliable and trendy eCommerce platform. It provides multiple features and benefits for businesses and helps them grow their online business rapidly. Entrepreneurs can sell their products efficiently without any glitches.

The Shopify apps can attract customers. If you are mainly concerned about delivering an excellent user experience and interface, Shopify is the best platform to develop engaging and interactive eCommerce business solutions. It contributes business to sustain on a digital platform and help them to gain the competitive edge.

At present, Shopify has become one of the leading platforms for developing an eCommerce solution. Entrepreneurs can manage various business operations like inventory management, monitoring online transactions, and connecting with the target audience more effectively. Shopify offers amazing and prominent features, some of them are listed below:

Online payment

This feature helps customers to make a digital transaction and pay via their preferred mode of payment.

User account

This options allow users to create their account, which they create by their name or phone number.


The integration of the GPS feature allows business owners to determine the live location of the user and deliver the required products and services accordingly.

User experience

The app design plays a lead role in making a user-friendly application. An engaging app design keeps users connected with the application.


Once you understand the needs of your target audience, provide them a support system to get them the answers of all their queries.

How to calculate the cost of developing apps for retail eCommerce solutions?

The cost of developing an app depends upon many factors. There is no single factor that calculates the overall cost of the application. In this guide, we will discuss some points that will help you determine the cost of  developing Shopify mobile application:

Technical case

The app complexity depends on the number and types of features implemented in it. The app features affects the overall app development cost and also the app complexity. If you want to add a unique algorithm for advanced feature implementation, it may increase the app cost.

Backend development

If you are willing to develop an extensive size application that can connect with millions of users, this will influence your app cost. Choosing the right back-end technology wisely is recommended that can deal with maximum transactions and handle the load.

Development time

Time is money! The more time your project will take to complete, the more it will cost you. You can hire developers on various hiring models as per your business requirements. You can employ a dedicated developer who can exclusively work on your project with complete focus and attention. It will let your project be completed on time.

App design

Design is the most sensitive part of any application. You can hire a mobile app designer who can give your app an interactive design, look and feel. The app design grabs users’ attention and makes it appealing. It is recommended to emphasize the app design to make your app interactive, easy to navigate, and allow users to have a hassle-free shopping experience.

Choosing an app development service provider

Choosing the right app development service provider is necessary to develop a successful application. You have options like choosing an in-house development team, going with freelancing, or outsourcing your project. You can estimate your budget for the professionals you will hire to develop your app. The team of professionals include the following:

  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • Multiple engineers
  • Designers on various subjects
  • Assurance specialist


While developing a Shopify-based eCommerce application, you must consider multiple factors to take your development process in the right direction. There is no fixed factor to develop a product; it’s a matter of numerous factors. When you hire a developer for Shopify development services, ensure having a discussion for requirements check. Once the project requirements and business model is discussed correctly, there will be more chances to create a final product as per the expectations.

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