Adsterra Malware Protection: Introducing the Adsterra Social Bar

Built on the foundations of a friendship that blossomed into a successful business, Adsterra was founded in 2013 by professional webmasters and affiliate marketers.

The company recently unveiled its new Social Bar feature. AdsTerra Social Bar presents an engaging, rich push-ad format boasting unprecedented eCPMs, as well as a 30 times higher CTRs compared with web-push, and enhanced interactivity compared with in-page push.

Displayed as a native ad on websites, encouraging user interaction, Adsterra Social Bar provides publishers with a variety of highly engaging ad types, enabling them to monetize their website and advertise with ease.

One of the main benefits of Social Bar is that it does not rely on browsers or OS, meaning that ads do not require user subscriptions or opt-ins.

Adsterra Social Bar ad types include:

  • Chat Bar: An ad format that engages users in chat before sending them to the advertiser’s page. Chat Bar supports conversational scenarios, emojis, images and gifs, making it fully interactive.
  • Video Bar: A highly engaging ad format that runs on a website, teasing users to continue watching the video on the advertiser’s page.
  • Survey Bar: Providing a two-fold benefit, Survey Bars encourage users to participate in surveys, enabling publishers to use their responses to filter audiences.
  • Custom Banner: A next generation format enriched with HTML and CSS, Adsterra Custom Banner’s animated files, counters and timers help to create maximum impact in ad campaigns.
  • In-Page Push: A customizable format that does not require subscriptions or opt-ins, this feature can be adjusted in terms of size, appearance and location on the page.

Social Bar helps advertisers achieve record revenues, with its interactive ad formats attracting unparalleled CTRs and CRs. Creatives are fully customizable; compatible with all devices, OS and browsers, they offer high engagement. Presenting more than 20 deep targeting options, Adsterra Social Bar enables advertisers to profit from 100% traffic volume, since AdBlock does not hide Social Bar.

For web publishers, Social Bar eliminates the risk of visitors succumbing to ‘ad blindness’, with its effective, highly engaging adds. 100% browser friendly with Google compliant formats, Adsterra Social Bar enables publishers to make more profit with less ad space. AI algorithms optimize ad campaigns, selecting creatives that are relevant to traffic. Installed in less than a minute, with smart rotation ensuring ad type variety, Social Bar is an easy and effective way for publishers to build income, installing all ad formats with just one line of code. Rather than bombarding the audience, Social Bar presents one ad at a time, using smart rotation to maximize impact and increase CPMs and CRs.

For seven years now, Adsterra has served customers all over the world. Today, the company is proud to work with more than 20,000 successful partners, facilitating somewhere in the region of a billion impressions each day.

Boasting more than 20 years of experience, the Adsterra team were friends at school and university, united by a shared interest in marketing and technology, combined with a desire to find the best way to achieve self-realization and success.

While striving to grow financially, Adsterra has eschewed the complex corporate culture. As newcomers in the industry, the team recognized the high entry barriers and lack of proper technology hampering thousands of internet affiliates and webmasters. Realizing that they had valuable skills and experience that they wanted to share, the Adsterra team set about creating something new, both for themselves and the industry.

Incorporating a panel of highly experienced account managers, many of whom quit roles at prestigious companies to join Adsterra – as well as a dedicated professional IT department; a risk management and policy team; and other skilled personnel – Adsterra is a global presence with an excellent reputation, lauded by affiliates and bloggers as one of the industry’s best adtech platforms.

Adsterra combines human intelligence and innovative technology to connect publishers and advertisers of all sizes, from all over the world, helping them to develop their skills, grow their capital, and improve as professionals to achieve and maintain success.

Committed to protecting clients and raising industry standards, Adsterra enables publishers to safely monetize platforms, providing real-time monitoring to prevent and combat malware. Furthermore, all of the ad network’s customer services and tools are covered by Adsterra malware protection, which comes as standard for all customers.

Dedicated to security and transparency, both on its platform and in its wider business operations, Adsterra eliminates unlawful techniques and malicious codes to protect its customers and their end users too, setting an example to make the industry more transparent and less prone to illicit activities by cybercriminals.

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