A Guide to the Different Types of Podcast Formats In 2021

Podcasts are getting popular with the evolution of today’s world. Decades ago, social media was at rise and now, it is podcasting that needs promotion. According to Podcast Insights, currently there are 1,750,000+ podcasts with more than 43 million episodes.

As more people are creating podcasts, it is quite possible that you want to do the same. So, if you are planning to start podcasting, first learn about the different types of podcast formats.

The Types of Podcast Formats

Selecting a podcast format helps to create consistency for the audience. It helps to organize your content fantastically. When you start to follow one format, listeners can grasp the genre of your episodes.

All you require is a set of podcasting tools that you can buy from any electronics store. For buying on a budget, use online coupon codes from your favorite electronic brands.

However, before you choose a format for your podcast, understand the market around. Know what you want to do and start podcasting today.

The Interview Podcast

An interview podcast format revolves around one or two hosts who interview different guests in every episode. You can either pick a type of guests you will invite in your show or it can be anyone from celebrities to athletes.

The more interesting experiences your guests will share in the podcast, the higher chances of attracting listeners. You can format your interviews by asking a set of quests or change them for every guest.

The Educational Podcast

Most often, beginners confuse conversational podcasts with educational ones. However, both are different and own a particular set of listeners. Educational shows are much organized than conversational ones.

All of its episodes structure to provide a lesson or a topic. Interestingly, when you learn by listening, things get easy. People like educational podcasts because it is possible to hear these when multi-tasking.

The Solo Podcast

Creating a solo podcast is difficult than you think. It involves no one but you and the microphone. Talking with your audience all by yourself for a number of hours and keep them engaged with whatever you say – this thing requires talent.

You may follow the trick and write it all on a paper to follow a conversational tone later. Nevertheless, make sure that people do not listen podcasts to hear the host read. Your audience wants more talking and conversations.

The Conversational Podcast

A very popular type among the different types of podcast formats is the conversational podcast. It often sounds like a chat between two mates who are offering you a chance to overhear them. If you are a group of friends willing to podcast, this is the format to try.

Conversational podcasts can involve multiple hosts ready to discuss different topics in every episode. You also have a greater chance of audience for these podcast formats if you have a charming personality to attract listeners.

The Storytelling Podcasts

You can find two types of storytelling podcasts on the internet. One for fictional stories while the other for non-fictional stories. Therefore, you can start both the types of podcast formats as per choice. These can be epic and include crime, sci-fi, fantasy, and adventure stories.

Besides, you can start a podcast to discuss real life incidents. The best feature of such podcasts is that you can create seasons and continue episodes to create suspense.

The Takeaway

There are different types of podcast formats in the industry. The most popular ones include storytelling, conversational, interview, monologue, and educational podcasts. Nevertheless, you can also try theater and repurposed podcasts if you like.

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